• Version 0.71

Hello all!   Thank you for checking out my UK Objects pack! This pack aims to bring some new, much needed objects to OMSI. Each object is really easy to rotate - No awkward rotational values. You are free to use this in your freeware map, if you need to include it with your download then please let me know!   Compatible with OMSI 2 - Latest file is called "UK Objects 0.7.zip" Objects currently in the pack include: - UK Traffic cones, lamps and road work signs. - Light up, fully customisable signs whereby you can assign your own texture to them (PSD templates included) --------------------- NEW FOR 0.7 --------------------- - Fellowsfilm Road Ware for OMSI2   Documentation is included in the download, located in OMSI2 > Documents > Fellowsfilm.   Installation 1. Unzip the file onto your desktop (Or wherever you want to extract it to) 2. Drag the folders inside your extracted OMSI2 folder to your main directory (Steam > Steamapps > Common > OMSI2) 3. Installation is done! If you download a newer update, don't forget to delete the old "Fellowsfilm Objects" folder so that you don't get any errors!   Stay tuned for more updates in the future. If you would like any objects making, feel free to contact me. Check out the support thread for new updates, information and of course support , Thanks!   ~Fellowslothb