• Version 1.0

Thankyou for downloading my MAN NL202 World of OMSI Repaint Pack This repaint pack gives you the World of OMSI Dedicated AOA livery as well as the First, Stagecoach and Arriva UK SIde AOA liveries for the MAN NL202 IDTF by Kamaz. In order to use these repaints, you will need the MAN NL202 IDTF bus which can be downloaded here: MAN NL202 IDTF I would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this repaint pack: *Mark Hodgkinson for allowing me to use his Mainline wheel textures *Josh Jay for his original textures for the Hanover Ibis Controller *Adrian Burns for his original SD202/NL202 Ticket Machine and Cash Desk textures *woah for his NL202 Stagecoach Interior ******************************************************************************************* OMSI RNC COMPLIANT REPAINT (LEVEL 2) ******************************************************************************************* This repaint has been made in compliance with the OMSI Repaint Naming Convention (RNC) to Level 2 standard. Installing it will therefore not adversley affect any other RNC compliant repaints that you may have installed. To find out more about the OMSI RNC standard and how it can benefit the OMSI community as a whole, please visit the following URL: Please read the included Readme for all installation information. Cheers, Steven Foster