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Keedlestone v1.1 Is now outdated! However, There will be an upcoming OMSI 2 patch (v1.5) Visit the WIP thread

Welcome To Keedlestone!

Based around a big city, the County of Keedlestone is growing larger day by day, You can visit the beautiful Convent Gardens, Glenton Retail Park and Landbury Estate. There are many more places to visit around Keedlestone, but you will have to find that out for yourself!

Keedlestone City has beautiful surroundings and very easy access to public transport routes including a bus station and train station!

Park your car in town or at the designated park and ride! Its your choice, Either way, there's buses to suit your needs, Keedlestone City Transport operates all routes in and around keedlestone and you can guarantee they are on time!

Navigate the busy city centre in your double decker as a passenger or take on the busy schedule, Can you keep to the time?

Routes are as follows:

76 - Keedlestone Bus Station <-> Rumford Train Station.

20 - Dunston McDonalds <-> Dunston McDonalds (Circular).

22 - Keedlestone Bus Station <-> Glenton Retail Park.

S54 - Landbury College <-> Keedlestone Bus Station.

X31 - West Kentport <-> Glenton Retail Park.

P&R - Keedlestone Park and Ride <-> Keedlestone Park and Ride (Circular).

Heres the release video:




- Download the 2 parts needed from the download section (Presuming you haven’t already done this)

- Download the Repaints By Jeffrey Lo (In the downloads section) and follow the install instructions

- Extract the Keedlestone archives into a folder on your desktop (Or anywhere else you may want to extract it to, just make sure it is in a folder)

- Copy all the files into your Omsi installation folder (This includes missing Splines/Scenery Objects, The ticket pack (Not yet done though), The New British money pack that I made and the IBIS codes!

- The .Hof file is included with this release, If you wish to drive a non Keedlestone repaint bus then copy the .Hof file from your SD_202 folder into whichever vehicle folder you wish!

You need:

- Simple Streets

- Yufa splines

- Addon_GCW

- AmpelSpline Objects (For custom junctions)

- Canterbury Basic (For freeman's objects)

- Bowdenham (For 90% of the objects)


With Thanks to:

  • Tomroper1995 - For scenery placement
  • Roadhog123 - For road objects
  • Emil - For Simple Streets
  • Jeffrey Lo - For making some awesome repaints for the D92
  • If there's any more I have forgotten, I'm sorry, but thank you!
  • BETA Testers: Jacko, Gneb, Jeffrey Lo and David Emblen!

What's New in Version 1.1


  • v1: File uploaded
  • v1.1: Updated AI list and time tables for v2 Repaints

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