• Version 1.5.3

For Omsi 1 and maps released before 16/02/2015. For the latest version, click here: This is a pack of British-Style Road Objects for your maps. The current (1.5.3) release contains: - 14 Road Marking Objects - 40 Road Marking Splines - 4 Motorway Splines - 4 Curb (Kerb) Splines - 49 Temporary Road Signs. A full read-me and change-log are included. This version has been tested and works fine on Omsi 2. It *should* (I hope) be entirely compatible with maps using v1.5. Patch 1.5.3! This adds snow textures/changes to the road-marking splines and objects, and reinstates the "Loading Only" object seen in the image below, that somehow disappeared from the main release... You need the full 1.5.2 version installed in order to use this patch. Enjoy!