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The ETO/PTO Development Team is proud to present CFS3 PTO Rising Sun.

It is a seven-theater CFS3-based add-on stand-alone combat flight sim, based on the early years of World War II in Asia and the Pacific, the "Oriental Blitzkrieg" period.

It goes above and beyond the exising PTO_Solomons, and is a completely separate install.

It includes the Second Sino-Japanese War, Pearl Harbor Attack, Wake Island Invasion, Battle of Midway, Papua New Guinea, The Forgotten Theater - the CBI, and the Philippines.

PTO RS contains many of items that had been in PTO_Solomons, raised to the quality of the CFS3 ETO Expansion set.

CFS3 PTO Rising Sun contains many new aircraft, ships, vehicles, buildings, airfields, missions, etc, again all raised to the level of quality of the CFS3 ETO Expansion releases, many of them new to the CFS3 family.

This package is being released as a WIP Beta "sandbox", provided to fans, modellers, and potential contributors to help add to it and expand it further.

Presently, the most complete Theaters are Pearl harbor Attack, Wake island Invasion, and the Battle of Midway.

Future PTO RS Updates will feature more work and additions to the other Theaters.

The CFS3 PTO Rising Sun total installation package consists of 9 installers. These are not updates. They are all needed for installation of the base install.

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