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Welcome to Scunthorpe... Scunthorpe is an industrial steelworking town, located in northern England, United Kingdom. It is a town with a population of around 75000, formed initially of five villages, Scunthorpe, Brumby, Ashby, Froddingham and Crosby, and the small town of Bottesford, which has gradually merged into the town over the years. Public transport in Scunthorpe exists in the form of a local network of town bus routes, named the Scunthorpe Shuttle. It is a joint network, operated by the national bus company, Stagecoach, who have a depot in the town, and Hornsby Travel, a local firm who have provided bus services in Scunthorpe since the days of horse & cart. The focus of the town's bus network is the Town Centre, with its bus station and large shopping areas, it is where most passengers want to go. Secondary to this, Ashby has a large shopping area, and popular market, which can be reached from most areas of the town by bus. In 2005, it was stated that around 80% of journeys made by bus in the town where either to or from the Town Centre, or Ashby. There are large industrial areas located around the town, including a steelworks employing several thousand people, however, these areas are not served by public transport and the car is king here, but buses are still well used for leisure and shopping trips. Development work on the Scunthorpe map for OMSI started in summer 2011, and Scunthorpe V1 was released in August 2011, with routes 4 (which was fictional), and 6. V2 followed soon after, and finally v3, which created the full town, was released in December 2011. In January 2012, work started on a full re-build of the Scunthorpe map. Map making standards had moved on considerably, and a host of new objects were appearing all the time. In April, changes were also made to the bus network in Scunthorpe, which are also reflected in this new map. The map has been re-branded Scunthorpe Modern, as in time, the map will be updated alongside the real bus network. The map includes the following bus services: 6 - Scunthorpe > Ashby 9 - Scunthorpe > Hospital 10 - Scunthorpe > Lakeside > Ashby > Westcliff > Scunthorpe 10A- Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Ashby > Lakeside > Scunthorpe 11 - Scunthorpe > Ashby > Yaddlethorpe 12 - Scunthorpe > Old Brumby > Ashby > ASDA 16 - Scunthorpe > Parklands > Ashby 22 - Scunthorpe > Ashby > Timberland > Lakeside 31 - Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Riddings > Froddingham > Scunthorpe 32 - Scunthorpe > Froddingham > Riddings > Westcliff > Scunthorpe 31A- Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Bottesford > Froddingham > Scunthorpe 32A- Scunthorpe > Froddingham > Bottesford > Westcliff > Scunthorpe 33 - Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Bottesford > Ashby > Scunthorpe 34 - Scunthorpe > Ashby > Bottesford > Westcliff > Scunthorpe 35 - Scunthorpe > Tesco > Keadby > Amcotts 37 - Scunthorpe > Tesco > Skippingdale Retail Park 38 - Scunthorpe > Hospital > Crosby The map includes its own ticket pack, with English voices for both male and female passengers, Fully detailed route map, timetables, vehicle running cards, plus realistic passenger flows, its own AI buses pack, and much more to discover. Please ensure you read the 'read-me' document with the download for full installation instructions, and more information about the map, and some of the features. You will also need to download the AI vehicle pack from here. AI Traffic uses a mixture of D92s and NL202s There is also a second (Optional) download containing a 'light' AI list - limiting the AI buses to D92s only, which improves frame rates on the map. I hope you enjoy... Mr Moose Credits & Acknowledgements 3DTransport Studio (Bus Station shelter objects) Chrisrose1993 (UK House objects, depot signage & Speed hump) Creator of the Denton hotel and Detached house objects (Author unknown) Freeman1001 (Excellent Canterbury objects, too many to list) Ingoldstat objects (wall object) Objects by SN (Wall & Fence objects) Richeaze & Mo (British female voices pack) Simple streets (Most roads in the map) TonyA (field objects and farm buildings, plus factory objects) Tline (UK road objects) XxJord6nxX (Scunthorpe repaints - downloaded seperatly) Vbusblog (Speedbump) Flippy (Scunthorpe Modern Menu Image) If I have used anything of yours and not credited you - its a pure oversight on my part, I apologise - Please send a pm to let me know, and I will amend this list. Also Thank You to anybody who has helped test the map, to make sure its as bug free as possible, and anybody else who has supported the map in any way.