Air-conditioner for SD202 buses 1.01

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About This File

Updated version 1.01:

Changed interior heater efficiency. Temperature drops more quickly.


This mod turns the heater on SD202 buses into an air conditioner!


Place the files into Your OMSI game folder\Vehicles\MAN_SD202\Script\

Replace the original files when being asked.

You are strongly recommended to backup the files before replacing them.

To use it:

1. Turn on the interior heater but don't turn on the fan yet. The temperature should go down.

2. Turn on the Auxiliary heating system. (To the left of the fan speed control, this one is optional, The fan will generate more heat when the engine heats up.)

When the temperature drops to where you want it...

3. Change the fan to "heated fresh air mode". Switch to maximum temperature.

4. Slightly increase the fan speed until you see that the temperature stops dropping. Do not turn it to maximum speed directly.

5. Make fine adjustment to the fan speed until you get a steady temperature.

The fan will generate more heat when the engine heats up.

Since the "interior heater" is no longer a heater, the only working heater is the fan heater during winter time.

This mod works for all SD202 buses that comes with OMSI

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