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Operation Gisela:

ETO Expansion ERA5 Historical :

Mission Requires:

Standard ETO 1.30 files

Historical Background:

Evening of 3 March 1945, Operation Gisela was launched. Two hundred Luftwaffe night fighters, all Ju88,

took off and headed for England to attack returning Bomber Command aircraft on their final approach to landing.

A successful operation; but costly, since a lot of aircrafts were lost to adverse weather conditions and faulty

navigation at low level. This mission recreates Leutnant Günther Wolf and his 'Funker' participation in Operation Gisela


Special thanks to Rob Stevenson for his review and suggestions for this mission. To HouseHobbit and O-1 Driver

for providing the facilities that I needed to complete the mission.

I do hope you enjoy this mission.

This mission runs well on my Machine and have not caused any problems.

***But use them at your OWN RISK***


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