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Brad's Pacific Northwest Scenery Project

Womack Resort at Bull Run Lake (V 1.0)

I created this scenery area in honor of Bill Womack. He made the 7S3 airport for ORBX and its FTX NA BLUE package. Thanks Bill. I only hope someday I can get as good at this as you are.

Created and imagined by Brad Allen ([email protected])

This scenery add-on is for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I used the "Acceleration" edition for my work on these.

The surrounding scenery this is designed to work with is the incredible ORBX "FTX NA Blue" package for the Pacific Northwest of North America. If you haven't got the scenery installed by ORBX, this file will probably not work for you. I repeat this is not for default FSX terrain; this is for the above mentioned package from ORBX. There are several objects in this scenery that will only show up if you have FSX Acceleration. But the main objects are default FSX compliant.

Also, there is an issue with autogen scenery disappearing around the objects in the scenery. I will work on an update at a later time that will address this issue. Until then, no other anomalies were present and you should be able to fly to this destination without any problems other than the missing trees.

Please see the readme file included in the zip file for installation instructions.

Thank you Jay Kae for hosting this file on OZx.

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