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Staff Scenery

70 files

  1. OZx Mexico Photoreal

    This small file will download an executable to your computer, once you start this executable it will launch a download manager for the actual file, power-out, disconnection, cat walking over the keyboard, boss around the corner, NOTHING will now make you lose your download. Enjoy


    For the first time, and for free, we have the opportunity to fly above a very interesting and a very big area of Mexico. The photoreal technique that has been used to realize the scenery includes animated water for all the areas, swimming pools included.... the resolution of the scenery is 1m/pixel, almost the maximum we can obtain now, and it runs with FSX SP2 only. For the moment the scenery hasn't got autogen and you can fly only in the daylight. These features will be available in the next version, but we are sure that you will enjoy the scenery as well, in this first version.




  2. OZx Loch Lomond

    Download your copy of Loch Lomond / Duck Bay, Scotland




  3. OZX Grand Canyon and KGCN + HolgerMESH

    Authors: Antonio C, Maurizio G & Holger Sandmann
    Author email : [email protected]
    Author website : http://aussiex.org
    Description : First of all click here to download your manual.

    It is here now folks: the photoreal scenery of the Grand Canyon area. The scenery is for FSX SP2 only, it has got a resolution of 2m/pixel, autogen and nightlights, Summer season only. The main airport of the area, KGCN (Grand Canyon Natural Park) has been dramatically improved. It is a stunning scenery, created by Antonio C., and Maurizio G. The photoreal scenery is based on the latest techniques, to ensure a real visual experience in flight. Colorado river has animated water in the parts where it's bigger.


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  4. OZx AU AI Shipping for FSX- EAST coast Supplement

    AI Shipping Traffic for FSX

    traffic extends from Cape York down and across to Adelaide and most parts of Tasmania

    the supplement includes-
    -Naval traffic that are all landable by both helo and plane with Australian and Visiting and some Historical
    -Cruise ships that are Landable by helo
    -Merchant traffic

    also included is a custom file that changes the smaller boat AI to include fishing vessels




  5. OZx Papua New Guinea Replacement MESH

    New mesh for Papua New Guinea (PNG) to replace FSX default one.
    Based on data from NASA SRTM 3 and tutorial from Gerhard Scheuerecker
    found on Avsim.

    All credits should go to 3dnature for 'SRTMFill', Matthew Styles for
    'SRTM_To_BGL' (great softwares) and Gerhard Scheuerecker for his clear
    and very helpful tutorial.

    Thierry (titus59)

    Install PNG mesh :
    Very simple, just run the installer and you are almost done
    You need to start FSX and add this mesh to your scenery list.
    1. Within the FSX shell, click Settings
    2. In the 'Other settings' box to the left of the screen, select the
    'Scenery Library' button.
    3. Select the 'Add Area' button from the list to the left of the
    4. Navigate to the location of the PNG mesh (default location is
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator
    5. Highlight the 'PNG_mesh' folder and click OK.
    6. Click OK to accept the changes. A screen will display indicating
    that the scenery is being added to the scenery database.

    This mesh should be placed as a lower priority of any other future PNG




  6. OZx Death Valley Plus HolgerMesh

    You can download the manual by clicking on this link

    Now Enjoy VFR Flying !




  7. OZx Tuscany Complete

    OZx is proud to release the new full version of Tuscany!

    As in the previous version, where people had a sensation of full immersion in this new concept of photoreal, this upgrade wants to improve the autogen of the already covered area, adding anyway a new zone, Lucca and its environment.

    The coast from Marina di Pisa to Lido di Camaiore has been fully implemented with the autogen, along as the wonderful area of Puccini lake. Inside the Apuan Alps (provided with mesh developed by Holger Sandmann), another fantastic lake, the late of Vagli, with its little city.

    Beautiful landmark 3d objects have been added, we speak about the famous miracles' square in Pisa (developed by Dario Bortot) and an ancient castle, the castle of Malaspina, in Massa (developed by Loreno Venanti). The Isle of Elba and other cute islands are also availables here (developed by Antonio C.)

    All the territory is perfect to be flown also at the sunset or in the night, a real experience with the well experimented true nightlights system. Fluidity and hi graphic details, a project by Maurizio G.

    This release will be the base to cover the entire area with the autogen, and to develop completely in 3D the town of Lucca too (already in progress).

    Click on the logo above to read the AVSIM review

    Please download the manual from here while you are waiting for your download to come in.

    Last version had 6223 downloads.


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  8. OZx Liguria Photoreal X

    This scenery is dedicated to Silberio Antonio Chiti, real pilot and friend of the IVAO company, founder of Libellule Group.

    >>>Download the manual from here <<<

    OZx is pleased to announce a new production, this time is another Italian region, the natural extension of the Tuscany, already published The original idea was to develop the city of Genova, with its airport LIMJ and obviously all the surround. Then another smaller city, Sestri Levante, was added, with all its tipicals buildings.... Well, two cities, it's ok. But why not to add the photoreal for the entire region? It's all that we did in this scenery. The area is large, and very interesting to visit, one of the beautiest italian coastline and Genova one of the most important harbour, industrial and civil.

    The scenery is for FSX SP2 at a resolution of 2m/pixel, except Genova, at 1m/pixel. Autogen has been done only for Genova city (pretty large), instead Sestri Levante has got all custom objects, all the buildings have their own textures. You can fly also in the night, and flying above Genova in the night is a beautiful experience Only summer season. The airport of Genova, LIMJ, has been totally customized, with custom 3D objects. For us, also the performances are importants, expecially when you fly above a complex scenery like this. And for this, we worked trying to obtain the best performances so you can really enjoy the scenery.


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  9. OZx SBIL Ilheus (Brazil)

    Thanks to the staff of the site www.terra-brasilis.org for contributing with tutorials, tips, pictures and tests. In particular to: Hely Heck Junior (Magrão) for his tireless patience in teaching and giving tips. Much of this work would not be possible without their participation. Also it is the author of the mesh to this specific Ilheus region; Deo Filho, for “plugged” my Inbox with detailed photos for Ilheus. Thanks to him it was possible to do this scenery without never stepped in Bahia; Gladson Moreira for his excellent tutorial "Animated Windsock”; Fergo for his custom ground poly tutorial; To the beta testers Claudio Carvalho, Zanolli, Flavio Cardoso, Adriano1234 among others, for his valuable contribution in the testing phase.
    I also thank Alexandre Alves, www.asasdabahia.net editor, for his invaluable contribution with pictures from the airport and Aeroclub; Alfredo Loyola for its tool Scenery Activator and the Aussie Beta testers (OZX): Uhu_Fledermaus, jgruschow, pow0011, doug and Weengo. And many thanks to all that, from one way or another, contributed to this work.

    Well, now it's time to meet (if not already done so) version 1.0, which is coming along with this documentation.

    This version is what really brings the Ilheus
    scenery with everything that was planned to be part of the final version (1.0). Of course it is impossible that simple Flight
    Simulator scenery runs out all the details and the possibility of reality, but you'll likely be surprised by the degree of realism that
    was brought to this.

    Excellent blend of photoreal terrain and
    the default FSX
    Several custom animated vehicles
    Topographical details
    Photorealistic runway, with reflection
    and rain effects
    Opaba Hotel
    Ilheus Aeroclub
    High Quality 3D Models
    Ilheus Harbor
    Stunning night lighting environment
    Realistic animated windsock
    Living world
    Volumetric Grass




  10. OZx AI Carriers For NZ

    AI Carriers for New Zealand
    3 Carriers and 3 Land-able Naval ships
    located in
    Auckland Wellington Christchurch Dunedin Harbour This contains 2 scenery BGLs;
    1st, the use of the stock MSFS Carrier 2nd, the use of the brilliant Javier's USS Nimitz Carrier (recommended) and link provided in readme  





  11. Ozx Idaho Dirt Gold

    Prepare to try some challenging dirt strips with Idaho Dirt Gold. Each field presents a unique challenge with vegetation and terrain hazards.

    Airfields Featured
    Seven Devils ID17 - 3900 x 60 feet
    Landmark 0U0 - 4000 x 100 feet
    Johnson Creek 3U2 - 3400 x 150 feet
    Copper Basin 0U2 -

    Johnson Creek Real Landing

    Landmark Real Landing


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  12. OZx 1OR4 North Plains

    North Plains 1OR4 is a gliding club strip west of Portland. The field operates on weekends under the supervision of the local gliding club and is exclusive to gliders and their tow planes, powered aircraft may land at the field but only with permission. The field operates two parallel runways separated by traffic cones; take-offs are typically done on the north runway out to the east and landings are done on the south runway to the west In the event of the wind shifting directions, the field is reversed and all aircraft movements are done over the power lines and trees that border the west end of the runway. There is a thermal to the west of the field at the highway split and this is the house thermal typically used to start flights.

    This scenery is designed to be used with FTX NA Blue PNW and must have OZx NA 1.01 and the OZx Libraries.




  13. OZx YMRY Moruya

    YMRY Moruya.

    This is an add on for OZx_AU, you must have up to and including OZx_au 3.3 loaded,You do not need OZx_NA. This strip is located on the South Coast of NSW and I must thank Mr Glen Felkin for all his work in helping with this project, Glen spent many hours taking photos and researching the technical aspects of this incredible place.

    Please enjoy





  14. OZx YPPH Perth Airport WA Australia

    Perth Airport
    This scenery is only an intrim version till Steve AKA Squeeker gets around to doing his scenery
    The scenery is not complete and nor will it be by me so many changes have been done at Perth
    and do not have the time to do any more so what you see is all you get




  15. OZx YBEB Bellburn Airstrip

    There is no installer so it will be necessary to install it manually.
    For those who don't know how here are the directions:

    Download and open the ZIP.
    Inside you will find two folders. A scenery and a Texture.
    Open the fsx files and then oped OZx.
    Copy the contents of the zip into OZx. Scenery files to scenery and texture into texture. That's all you have to do.
    To find the field fly to it from Argyle WA. 185 055.




  16. OZx YTKY Warmun Airstrip

    There is no installer so it will be necessary to install it manually.
    For those who don't know how here are the directions:

    Download and open the ZIP.
    Inside you will find four folders. Scenery, Texture, Effects and sound.
    Open the fsx files and then oped OZx.
    Copy the Scenery files to scenery and texture to texture into OZx folder.
    Copy the files in the Effects folder in the FSX Effects folder.
    (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects).
    Copy the files in the Sound folder in the FSX Sound folder.
    (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound).
    That's all you have to do.





  17. OZx YBGO Balgo Hill

    OZx YBGO Balgo Hill uses the AUS object libraries, so it will be necessary to have OZx_AUS 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 installed as well as the OZx libraries 1.0 and 1.1.
    There is no installer so it will be necessary to install manually. Instructions on how to install the scenery are found in the README file inside the download. Below are also instructions on how to install the scenery. Here is how to do it:

    Place all the contents of the 'scenery' folder inside the download into: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/OZx/OZx_AUS/Scenery

    Place all the contents of the 'texture' folder inside the download into: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/OZx/OZx_AUS/Texture

    Note: If you don't have FSX installed on the C: Drive then simply navigate to the FSX folder on the drive which you have it installed on and go to the same OZx directory shown above, and install the files there.
    Open FSX and the scenery library will rebuild automatically.
    Load up and fly!

    One interesting point of interest near Balgo Hill is Wolfe Creek Crater, which will be very well represented in the complete OZx_AUS package, which you should have installed before installing the YBGO scenery.
    To start at the airstrip simply search up 'Balgo Hill' in 'By airport name', or 'YBGO' in the 'By airport ID' search boxes in the FSX select airport window.

    Enjoy the scenery!




  18. OZx YFTZ Fitzroy Crossing

    Fitzroy Crossing YFTZ
    A scenery for the Microsoft Flightsimulator FSX with Acceleration expansion pack.
    This scenery was designed to work and blend in with ORBX FTX AU GREEN.
    Place all the contents of the 'scenery' folder into: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/OZx/OZx_AUS/Scenery
    Place all the contents of the 'texture' folder into: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/OZx/OZx_AUS/Texture
    If a texture file exists, simply overwrite it.
    Note: If you don't have FSX installed on the C: Drive then simply navigate to the FSX folder on the drive which you have it installed on
    and go to the same OZx directory shown above, and install the files there.
    Open FSX and the scenery library will rebuild automatically.
    Load up and fly!




  19. OZx YCBP Coober Pedy

    YCBP Coober Pedy,
    This addon is for OZx_AU, before installing make sure you have OZx AU 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 installed and the OZx LIBS 1.0 and 1.1 installed from here-
    To install, simply run the installer included in the download.
    Please read the README file included in the download before installing.




  20. OZx Tony's Place in NZNI

    Updated version of Tony's place in NZNI.
    This was a strip on a farm that TonyM lived on in the late1950's, no longer in use.
    A feature is a rather steep bank on the river end, which made for
    great takeoffs for heavily laden planes, but a real trap, if you undershoot your approach !!.
    Some objects used in this scenery are by kind permission of Mike at FScreations.org.
    To see all objects correctly you should have the payware HamiltonX installed.
    Changes in this version....
    Fixes to elevation of some objects and changes to the target cropdusting/spraying
    field,to better fit with Trevs cropdusting mission #3
    Suggest remove old version and reinstall this one in your
    add on scenery folder.




  21. OZx YZBS Beaudesert Private Strip (Wirraway Field) QLD Australia

    A small private strip in SE Qld a few miles SE of Beaudesert and south of Canungra. It was created as a private ww2 museum which has unfortunately ceased due to the owner passing away. I have flown over this strip many of times in RL wanting to try the approach over the hill. Not a bad little challenge.




  22. OZx YMPC Point Cook Victoria

    YMPC - Point Cook Airbase V1.0 Addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
    December, 2012
    Photo scenery with four seasonal textures and night textures.




  23. OZx YBAS Town Site Drome NT Australia

    Town Site Drome is a closed (since 1968) aerodrome in Alice Springs, the original home of Connellan airways. It has a short 350-metre runway that will only handle ultralights, helicopters and small prop aircraft and boasts a difficult approach path - at one end, there is a tall mound right before the threshold and the MacDonnell ranges standing proudly at the other end - arguably the more preferred approach path. Today, it is a derelict aerodrome with a grassy runway, broken fences and termite mounds everywhere. I have tried to recreate this aspect as good as I can.
    Before you begin downloading, take note that you have to have:
    *Orbx YBAS Alice Springs airport
    *OZx libraries 1.0 and 1.1




  24. OZx YZJF Jensen Field QLD

    A small private airfield 10nm north of Wondai.
    Note: please have the latest Ozx library installed.




  25. OZx POI Wensleydale AARC VIC Australia

    This is a Point of Interest scenery of the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) located in Wensleydale, Victoria, which is just north of Anglesea, and 125 km south-west of Melbourne. The AARC occupies a 1000 hectare site and is the largest privately owned and independently operated automotive testing facility in Australia.