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Here is where you can find all new addon maps

32 files

  1. New Berlin-Spandau Map


    My project is now updated and it's available to download in version V1.4 !
    All informations about installing process as well as other things can be found in download package, so I highly recommend to read this first and you will get no trouble

    Here we go then....


    If you have already installed former version, please delete 'New Berlin-Spandau Map" folder from your game folder
    (default directory: C:\Program Files\m-r-software\omsi\maps), and then extract files of V 1.4 archive.

    If you use new addon bus, please copy Berlin.hof file to correct folder of that bus.


    Regular Lines:

    5 - between U Rathaus Spandau and Spandau Freudstr. (via Zeppelinstr., Platze)
    13 - between Hahneberg and Maxim.-Kolbe Str. (via Melanchthonplatz, Am Omnibushof)
    31 - between S Bahnhof Galenstr. and Reimerweg (via Altern Str., Baluschekweg)
    34 - between S Bahnhof Galenstr. and Zoologischer Garten (via U Altstadt Spandau, Spandau Friedhof)
    35 - between Heerstr. E Gatowerstr. and Spandau Friedhof (via Altern Str., Aalemannufer)
    54 - between Waldkrankenhaus and Spandau Aalemannufer (via Zoo, Zeppelinstr.)
    56 - between Maxim.-Kolbe Str. and Zoologischer Garten (via Gatowerstr., Westerwaldstr.)
    63 - between Am Omnibushof and Olympiastadion (via Melanchthonplatz, Hohenzollernring)
    69 - between Am Omnibushof and S Bahnhof Staaken (via Sandstr., Paewesiner Weg)
    80 - between Zoologischer Garten and S Bahnhof Staaken (via Zeppelinstr., Hohenzollernring)
    91 - between Reimerweg and Waldkrankenhaus (via Lutonerstr., Platze)
    92 - between Stadtgrenze and Spandau Freudstr. (via U Rathaus Spandau, Westerwaldstr.)
    94 - between Heerstr. Gymnasium and Spandau Aalemannufer (via Lutonerstr., U Altstadt Spandau)
    97 - between Heerstr. Gymnasium and Zoologischer Garten (via Wilhelmstr., Spandau Friedhof)

    Night Lines:

    5N - between Waldkrankenhaus and Seeburger Str. (via Zoo, Platze)
    13N - between Stadtgrenze and U Rathaus Spandau (via Sandstr., Seeburgerstr.)
    34N - between S Bahnhof Galenstr. and Olympiastadion (via U Altstadt Spandau, Falkenseer Chaussee).
    97N - between Heerstr E Gatowerstr. and Zoologischer Garten (via U Rathaus Spandau, Spandau Friedhof).

    Express Lines:

    100 - between Stadtgrenze and Olympiastadion (via Am Omnibushof, U Rathaus Spandau, Platze)


    * Many regular lines with different timetables (workdays, weekends, holidays, rush hours) & routes as well as express and night lines,
    * New (real & fictional) destination points (e.g Zoologisher Garten, Waldkrankenhaus, Olympiastadion, Heestr. Gymnasium, Maxim.-Kolbe Str. and more),
    * Full working IBIS system as well as rollband textures for new places with new linelist inside buses,
    * No 92E anymore:
    ---- for morning services it's replaced by 31 (between Reimerweg and S Bahnhof Galenstr. via Baluschekweg and new Alternstr.)
    ---- for afternoon services it's replaced by 5 (between U Bahnhof Rathaus Spandau and Freudstr. via Zeppelinstr. and new area called Platze),
    * Express line's services only by D92 buses (for AI/for user - free to choose ),
    * Route helpers are clearly set and easy to see,
    * Improvment of some original map's areas and created brand-new locations (e.g: Alternstr., Fabrik, Friedhof Spandau, Siegallee, Spielstr., Platze, Zoo and many more).

    Because of the real size of Berlin, some created terminuses use real names but they are placed in not real distances/areas.
    I've used them to keep the climate in game.


    That's all what can be described by words
    Feel free to give me your opinions and suggestions !

    Very important !

    1) All future updates, changes and fixes will be announced in first (this) post of this thread --> CLICK ME
    2) If you have any problems or issues to discuss, please post in this topic --> CLICK ME
    3) If you want to contact me, post there or send me an e-mail (included with map). I do not prefer forum's PM.
    4) I speak only english, so please write using this language.
    5) I will not answer about already explained issues.

    My main objective is to bring you as much fun as you can take !
    This map could be not perfect because I'm not professional creator But I did my best to keep the very high level of original map.

    Drive safe !

    Cristian Skytter 8)



    Linelist in pdf file

    Route Map updated 05/06/2011




  2. Tropical City 1.1

    Attention! This is an old map made by me (2011)

    Tropical City is a fictional map that features:

    The website 'tooo.com.br' referred in the documentation doesn't exist anymore. All support is now given here.

    4 neighborhoods + 1 rural district, an airport and a forest park;
    10 bus routes (including 1 night route);
    New liveries for buses D92 and D85;
    New sound announcements for D92;
    New ticket packs;
    Detailed documentation and timetable;
    JPG Route Maps (optional - download them here: http://dl.dropbox.co...ty/Maps_JPG.zip).

    Required mods:

    gcw Strassenobjekt 1.3
    by Seeadler (mods.gcworld.de)

    SULO Mülltonnen
    by Nordenhamer and Ventyres (Download at OMSI CZ/SK (www.omsi.cz). Search in "Download - Objekty" for "Sulo popelnice")

    Extract both mods to your \Omsi\Sceneryobjects\ folder.

    This setup package was built specially for OZx. You cannot upload it anywhere else.




  3. Spandau Xtreme Gold Edition Complete - parts 1, 2 & 3

    This map is only working in Omsi 1.  You're free to make it Omsi 2 compatible or make any other changes.
    This project is stopped and development of the map is not continued. 
    Here's a brand new version of Spandau Xtreme called Spandau Xtreme Gold Edition. This map contains of three parts. On part 1 you can drive M32, on part 2 you can drive lines M37, 137 and 337 and on part three you can drive the lines 130, 131 & N30. The maps are containing complete overhauled versions of Staaken, Ruhleben and Falkensee.
    At this moment part three is offered as seperate download.
    Before you start driving be sure you take note of the read me. In there you find valuable information about the installer, which buses you need, where to find some information and the choices you have.
    I want close with a big thanks you to:
    - All add-on makers;
    - David R for doing some testing;
    - My mates at the Omsi Staff;
    - M&R for making this fantastic bussim
    - Jaykea for giving me space to upload my stuff.
    Download advise:
    New users only have to download the mainfile and the separate part 3
    If you have already installed the mainfile you only have to download and install the update and the separate part three.
    Problems solved due altered object/splines from another map Problems with fatal error at Havelpark are solved; New busstopsigns at Falkensee and Havelpark; Completely new timetable for the M32; The MB O405N2 by Julian is now running as AI traffic (Havelbus); Some objects are replaced.  
    Line 337 has now a less tight schedule Traffic lights at crossing Maulbeerallee/Magistratsweg are correctly placed Removed bollard from the highway between Havelpark and Spandau; Problem solved with "impatient" passengers at Falkensee Bahnhof; Traffic lights at Havelpark adjusted so the Man Lion City DD can pass it.  
    Missing ground texture added; Corrected AI-list  




  4. Scunthorpe Modern

    Welcome to Scunthorpe...

    Scunthorpe is an industrial steelworking town, located in northern England, United Kingdom. It is a town with a population of around 75000, formed initially of five villages, Scunthorpe, Brumby, Ashby, Froddingham and Crosby, and the small town of Bottesford, which has gradually merged into the town over the years.

    Public transport in Scunthorpe exists in the form of a local network of town bus routes, named the Scunthorpe Shuttle. It is a joint network, operated by the national bus company, Stagecoach, who have a depot in the town, and Hornsby Travel, a local firm who have provided bus services in Scunthorpe since the days of horse & cart.

    The focus of the town's bus network is the Town Centre, with its bus station and large shopping areas, it is where most passengers want to go. Secondary to this, Ashby has a large shopping area, and popular market, which can be reached from most areas of the town by bus. In 2005, it was stated that around 80% of journeys made by bus in the town where either to or from the Town Centre, or Ashby. There are large industrial areas located around the town, including a steelworks employing several thousand people, however, these areas are not served by public transport and the car is king here, but buses are still well used for leisure and shopping trips.

    Development work on the Scunthorpe map for OMSI started in summer 2011, and Scunthorpe V1 was released in August 2011, with routes 4 (which was fictional), and 6. V2 followed soon after, and finally v3, which created the full town, was released in December 2011. In January 2012, work started on a full re-build of the Scunthorpe map. Map making standards had moved on considerably, and a host of new objects were appearing all the time. In April, changes were also made to the bus network in Scunthorpe, which are also reflected in this new map. The map has been re-branded Scunthorpe Modern, as in time, the map will be updated alongside the real bus network.

    The map includes the following bus services:

    6 - Scunthorpe > Ashby
    9 - Scunthorpe > Hospital
    10 - Scunthorpe > Lakeside > Ashby > Westcliff > Scunthorpe
    10A- Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Ashby > Lakeside > Scunthorpe
    11 - Scunthorpe > Ashby > Yaddlethorpe
    12 - Scunthorpe > Old Brumby > Ashby > ASDA
    16 - Scunthorpe > Parklands > Ashby
    22 - Scunthorpe > Ashby > Timberland > Lakeside
    31 - Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Riddings > Froddingham > Scunthorpe
    32 - Scunthorpe > Froddingham > Riddings > Westcliff > Scunthorpe
    31A- Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Bottesford > Froddingham > Scunthorpe
    32A- Scunthorpe > Froddingham > Bottesford > Westcliff > Scunthorpe
    33 - Scunthorpe > Westcliff > Bottesford > Ashby > Scunthorpe
    34 - Scunthorpe > Ashby > Bottesford > Westcliff > Scunthorpe
    35 - Scunthorpe > Tesco > Keadby > Amcotts
    37 - Scunthorpe > Tesco > Skippingdale Retail Park
    38 - Scunthorpe > Hospital > Crosby

    The map includes its own ticket pack, with English voices for both male and female passengers, Fully detailed route map, timetables, vehicle running cards, plus realistic passenger flows, its own AI buses pack, and much more to discover.

    Please ensure you read the 'read-me' document with the download for full installation instructions, and more information about the map, and some of the features.

    You will also need to download the AI vehicle pack from here. AI Traffic uses a mixture of D92s and NL202s

    There is also a second (Optional) download containing a 'light' AI list - limiting the AI buses to D92s only, which improves frame rates on the map.

    I hope you enjoy...

    Mr Moose

    Credits & Acknowledgements
    3DTransport Studio (Bus Station shelter objects)
    Chrisrose1993 (UK House objects, depot signage & Speed hump)
    Creator of the Denton hotel and Detached house objects (Author unknown)
    Freeman1001 (Excellent Canterbury objects, too many to list)
    Ingoldstat objects (wall object)
    Objects by SN (Wall & Fence objects)
    Richeaze & Mo (British female voices pack)
    Simple streets (Most roads in the map)
    TonyA (field objects and farm buildings, plus factory objects)
    Tline (UK road objects)
    XxJord6nxX (Scunthorpe repaints - downloaded seperatly)
    Vbusblog (Speedbump)
    Flippy (Scunthorpe Modern Menu Image)
    If I have used anything of yours and not credited you - its a pure oversight on my part, I apologise - Please send a pm to let me know, and I will amend this list.

    Also Thank You to anybody who has helped test the map, to make sure its as bug free as possible, and anybody else who has supported the map in any way.




  5. Canterbury Basic

    Welcome to the Historic City of Canterbury.
    You will fall in love with our breathtaking heritage and culture. After all, Canterbury is simply inspirational.
    This map is created with a high level of detail to realistically represent Canterbury as it is in real life.
    - Features -
    - 85 Custom made objects to realistically represent Canterbury as it stands in real life including Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos pizza and LIDL.
    - Stunning night time visuals.
    - New style of bus terminus that requires buses to reverse out of the parking bay (not AI compatable)
    - Realistic traffic build up in peak times such as on the roundabouts.
    - A nice little Temporary bus depot so you can start and end your day there. The temporary depot is fictional.
    Hope you have fun with this free map. .
    Release Video:
    Many Thanks
    Freeman1001 aka MrToM3MaN




  6. Willshire


    Development of this map is dicontinued and the map is unsupported.

    However, The Support Thread remains open but the only support that can be provided is from fellow users.

    Welcome to.......
    An addon map for OMSI Bus Simulator, by LOCKHEART.

    Welcome to Willshire, A fictional Canadian city set in the provice of Ontario. Willshire is a mix of a large city with plenty of workspace, and a communiters city.
    Willshire is set in present time, and is one of four cities in the area. Greendale and Kindlewood sit just outside of Willshire, with Ridgewood just beyond. Plenty of varied routes to choose from, such as communter routes, to cross town routes, to even shuttle routes. Willshire also sports one of the first Underground terminal and semi-outside terminals in OMSI, sure to thrill any city dweller.

    Please note:
    This map is very resource heavy, as such its highly recommended that you lower your settings if you encounter lag. Please also understand that lower end computers will experence lag regardless of their settings but hopefully is bareable. I do however apologize to those that cannot at all run this map, hopefully future releases with will focus on routes outside of Willshire itself will run better for you.

    Mods required:
    Simple Streets Add-on

    Drive these routes (IBIS codes are also shown) :-

    Route Name: 13 Community Centre <=> County Hospital
    Code: 01300
    Route Number: 1 (County Hospital) 2 (Community Centre)

    Route Name: 27 Warden Station <=> Simcoe Station
    Code: 02700
    Route Number: 1 (Simcoe Station) 2 (Warden Station)

    Route Name: 42 Greendale Gardens <=> Bloor Terminal
    Code: 04200
    Route Number: 1 (Bloor Terminal) 2 (Greendale Gardens)

    Route Name: 32 White Oaks <=> Willshire Zoo
    Code: 03200
    Route Number: 1 (Willshire Zoo) 2 (White Oaks)

    Route Name: 51 College Hill <=> Dansville Station
    Code: 05100
    Route Number: 1 (Dansville Station) 2 (College Hill)

    Route Name: 22 Bloor Terminal <=> Kindlewood Station
    Code: 02200
    Route Number: 1 (Kindlewood Station) 2 (Bloor Terminal)

    Route Name: E1 Bloor Terminal <=> Kindlewood Station
    Code: 00101
    Route Number: 1 (Shuttle Line)

    Thank you,





  7. Bowdenham V3.1

    File Name: Bowdenham
    File Submitter: dazza1980
    File Submitted: 11 Feb 2012
    File Updated: 24 June 2013
    File Category: OMSI Maps

    Welcome, once again, to Bowdenham!

    · Expansion notes for Bowdenham V3.0

    10 new routes (89,95B,240,624,691,692,953,954,N37,School Excursion)
    New Bowdenham Coaches livery for SD84 by xdanflyerx
    New road sign objects by AshleyTayles
    School route 610 extended to Garston Manor
    94A now runs every evening as well as Sundays
    X52 now runs throughout the day Mon-Fri
    952 now runs Mon-Fri
    375 is now operated with double deck buses
    Every route retimed, with peak time variations
    Almost all aspects of the map has had some sort of scenery upgrades
    New blue helper arrows for light running routes
    Hail and ride sections on route 89, a first for OMSI!


    You are recommended to make a back up of your OMSI installation and any built in content that is affected by mods.
    I have only included a small number of sceneryobjects in the download file due to the fact that many people will already have the objects and splines used within Bowdenham already installed. This will also help with the size of the download file. If you do find you are missing objects/splines, please consult the list further down this document first. Failing that please add a request in the Bowdenham release thread on the Aussiex forums.
    Only a small of add-ons have been added to the download, this includes my own reskin of Marcel and Rudgers bus stops into a UK Intalink livery, AshleyTayle's road signs, xdanflyerx's Bowdenham Coaches reskin and Steven Foster's World of OMSI reskin.

    To install Bowdenham, simply copy the files directly into your OMSI folder. Please make sure you back up your installation first!


    Tips for running Bowdenham

    Until OMSI2 comes out, you will encounter a number of issues running Bowdenham V3 due to the size of the map and the amount of buses running. To help combat FPS and memory issues, please follow the tips set out below. This will not solve your issues, but will help make Bowdenham run more smoothly.

    1. Make sure you defrag your hard drive after installing Bowdenham, unless you have an SSD hard drive in which case - DO NOT DEFRAG!
    2. Install and run gamebooster 3 for FREE - http://www.g-forums.net/general-discussion/5758-game-booster-v3-5-beta-download.html#post30591
    3. Install CFF explorer for FREE and update the settings of the OMSI.exe file -
    4. Turn off your antivirus while running OMSI
    5. Disconnect from the internet once the OMSI map selection screen is open
    6. Reduce your graphic and AI settings in OMSI
    7. Try using the alternative AI list provided in the download
    8. Once Bowdenham has loaded, pause the game until all textures have been loaded

    · Repaints used are –

    MarkHodgkinson’s Mainline reskin for the MB Vario

    MarkHodgkinson’s Mainline reskin for the NL202

    MarkHodgkinson’s Sheffield Omnibus reskin pack for the NL202

    MarkHodgkinson’s SYT reskin for the NL202

    Steven Fosters World of OMSI forum reskin for the NL202

    MarkHodgkinson’s Mainline reskin pack for the SD77

    MarkHodgkinson’s Sheffield Omnibus reskin pack for the SD77

    MarkHodgkinson’s Sheffield Transport reskin pack for the SD77

    MarkHodgkinson’s SYT reskin pack for the SD77

    MarkHodgkinson’s Mainline reskin pack for the SD85

    MarkHodgkinson’s SYT reskin pack for the SD85

    MarkHodgkinson’s Sheffield Omnibus reskin pack for the D92

    MarkHodgkinson’s SYT reskin pack for the D92

    Included in the download is the Bowdenham Coaches reskin of the SD84 for xdanflyerx

    · This map also uses Mark Hodgkinson’s Static vehicle packs:-

    Sheffield Omnibus



    · Many thanks and credit go to all creators whose content I have used in this map.

    Please expand spoiler below to find links to every addon used within Bowdenham

    xdanflyerx for the Bowdenham Coaches SD84 repaint
    AshleyTayles for the UK roadsigns
    gcw road objects by sea eagle
    Newcastle custom objects and male voice pack by Longyear
    Canterbury custom objects by Freeman1001
    Bus stop adverts by AgoraRATP
    Autobahnschilder objects by seeadler
    Ingolstadt pack by Basti
    Sulotonnen pack by Ventyres
    Zaun Fence Pack by Graf & Stift
    Speed humps by chrisrose1993
    Vbusblog.ru speed humps pack
    Verkehrsschilder pack by Nemolus
    Simple Streets pack by Emil
    British Road Markings by road-hog123
    Steven Foster World of OMSI NL202 repaint
    Fellowslothb for the British Money Pack

    You will also need Yufa’s spline packs available from
    And Janniboy’s crash barrier available from

    Apologies if there is anyone I have left of this list, it wasn't done intentionally!

    You will need the current version of Simple_Streets installed
    (Almost all addon maps use this, so you are likely to already have it installed).

    · Thank you!

    Thank you as always to everyone’s continued support and ideas at aussiex and the World of OMSI forum.

    Special thanks for MarkHodgkinson for allowing me to using the company Logos, for xdanflyerx for creating the Bowdenham Coaches reskin, for flippy1008 for the duty sets and for AshleyTayles for creating the custom roadsigns.

    This map may be modified for your own personal use.

    You may not upload this map or your modified versions of this map to any hosting sites without strict express permission.

    I will not be held for any liability if your OMSI installation fails after this map has been installed.

    © 2013 dazza1980




  8. Davisville2

    This is a map which contains 11 routes if you include branches. The entire area spans over 30km. This is based off the real life routes in Toronto with the exception of the night route.




  9. Kulmnock City

    Welcome to Kulmnock City.
    My map depicts the fictional City of Kulmnock and the neighboring suburb of Loch Irvine.
    This version contains five routes:
    The Original Line 65
    Lines 62 and 63 that provide a loop service
    Line 60 City Shopper that runs a shuttle service to Whitebank retail village
    and S11 that runs a shuttle service to the hospital

    Please refer to the document pack included in the download for the readme file (icludes IBIS codes), route maps and other usefull information.

    This present version currently contains only a basic timetable with two buses operating each route.
    I have included my custom bus liveries.

    I hope you enjoy the map and look forward to your comments and suggestions; and indeed any reasonable criticisms.

    If you have any issues please post and I will try to help as best as I can.

    I would like to thank you in advance for downloading my map and enjoy driving on it

    Many regards Michael Wilson




  10. Project Viva: Viva Blue

    It has taken a while, but finally its out! This is the 0.4 public alpha version of project Viva. This map includes 1 route which is the 600 that goes to Richmond Hill Centre and then back to the Finch Terminal, and this is only using less than 5% of the total map area! Feel free to drive North on Yonge Street, but please mind the helpers as they will be given a good fix for the Free demo release which covers the same area, but with buildings. Also, please note that no buildings have been placed yet.

    This map has approx 90% content created by me. The other 10% are thanks to the Aussiex community and the OMSI developers themselves!




  11. Vlietburg

    Welcome at Vlietburg
    Vlietburg is a fictional commuter city in the southwest of the Netherlands. Situated near industries, harbors and major cities like Rotterdam and Dordrecht. This town contains a rich and dense network of bus lines which transport the inhabitants of Vlietburg across the city and to the main stations.
    With two city centers, two international convention centers, an industrial park, a technical university and some recreational areas there is a lot of transport needed.  The city is served by HTMBuzz services which run a bus network that contains ten lines that all are running across the city. For those who want to stay up late and like to party there are four-night lines.
    Enough variety along the routes: highways, narrow streets, bus lanes, big squares, bus terminals and small country roads.
    As a driver for the local bus company: HTMBuzz it’s your job to transport all those citizens along the roads of Vlietburg.
    Download advise
    If you have Vlietburg V6 or higher already on your system you only have to download the Vlietburg V6.7.rar.  If you have version 5 or an earlier version you have to download both rar files. In all cases you have to download the patchfile.
    It's recommended that you play Vlietburg V6.7 with collisions off.
    Read the Read Me for more information.
    Installing of this map is at your own risk. The builder of the map is in any way not responsible for any damage done to your Omsi installment or any other soft or hardware on your system.
         Omsi 2.2 or higher        The following payware add-ons: o   Hamburg Day & Night
    o   Vienna (the 2014 version or both new versions (24A & 23A))
    o   Stadtbus O305
           At least 4 GB of Ram        CFF Explorer to make Omsi use 4 GB All content from the default map (Berlin) and from the payware add-ons is not included in the download.
    Support is given at Word Of Omsi in the ready for download section only.  No support by PM or in other sections of the forum.  Be aware that I'm not always on line and I don’t live in Vlietburg!!  So have patience when I don’t react within five minutes. Due to the fact that the map is not further developed support will be limited.
    Vienna is needed for this map.  Vlietburg is made with the old 2014 version of Vienna.  If you have the new versions of Vienna (you need them both) please use the Vienna objects batch file you find in the Omsi root directory.  It copies all needed Vienna files to the right directory.
    Repaints & standard bus
    The HTMBuzz repaints for the A21 are made by Jokervation. The A21 is made by V3D studio but is slightly altered to suit Vlietburg. Therefore this bus comes in a separate directory.
    This will be the last incarnation of Vlietburg. After this release, the map will not be further developed or patched. From this moment on support for this map will be limited.
    From September 1ste 2017 onward this map will be public domain and everyone can do with it what he or she likes within the limits of the copyrights of the content of the map.




  12. Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield)

    Sutton Coldfield - Route 904

    Addon map for OMSI, by Fan79

    Birmingham is UK's second largest city. Once famous for heavy industry, Rover cars and Cadburys chocolate. The city today is thriving and has some of the busiest roads in the UK.

    The route modelled runs from Birmingham City Centre to Sutton Coldfield, a busy town about 7 miles away.

    The route will start in central Birmingham, On Bull St. You'll then drive around colmore circus, the police headquarters, the Birmingham post building, the law courts, Birmingham children's hospital and Aston university.

    Then you'll drive the route along the Aston expressway (A38m). It's a pretty unique road as it has no central reservation and no hard shoulder for a long stretch. The speed limit is 50 mph. The "red lane" in the middle is used to aid congestion at peak times. In the morning rush hour it is open inbound to city and in the evening it opens outbound. However, buses are banned from using this lane. You'll drive under the world famous spaghetti junction where the speed limit is reduced to 30mph.

    Driving through Gravelly Hill and into Erdington. The well known route 11, Europe's longest bus route drives "the outer circle" of the city and stops here. It runs as AI traffic at 1 of its stops.

    From then its pretty much a straight road, passing through Wylde green and arriving in Sutton after a scheduled 31 minute run. This is possible but it is pretty tight for time.

    There is depot on Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield. In reality this depot closed in the 80's, but for Omsi purposes , it's reopened!

    Layover times in Birmingham city centre are minimal. They are regulated pretty hard so you won't get longer than 4 minutes idle at the Bull St Terminus. If you find you are running early, you should wait at Aston University stop 1 to make up your time.

    You probably won't run early though. It's a 31 minute peak and 28 minute off peak run and you will need to put your foot down to stick to these times.


    Downloads needed:

    This map uses the Dennis Enviro 500 addon bus by Winsome. You need this bus installed. This is used by the AI and is also the bus you should user as your user bus. Optionally, you can use the Dennis Dragon addon bus, for which rollblinds have been provided.

    Scenery required:

    Addon GCW http://www.gcmods.de...trassenobjekte/

    Nemolus Objeckte http://forum.aerosof...-traffic-signs/

    Tony A Objects by Tony A

    Canterbury Basic by Freeman

    Addon simple streets - http://www.omnibussi...d&threadID=7811

    Please make sure you add all the objects I've included in the scenery objects folder. With it being a left hand drive map, some splines and crossings have had new files added (the originals remain unchanged) and it's important these are in the correct place for the map to work.


    Installation is manual. Move all files into the OMSI 'Root' folder, and click 'yes' to merge and/or overwrite where prompted.




  13. Brisbane Fictional V2.2

    Brisbane Fictional V2.2 is now available.
    1. Download both files
    2. Paste all files EXCEPT THE "maps" folder from "Brisbane_v2.rar
    3. Extract "Brisbane_Fictional" from "Brisbane_v2_2.rar" and put it into OMSI\maps

    Sorry for the constant update within these few hours.

    The map now features 2 drivable bus lines (25-27 mins, ~20km per trip)
    432: Kenmore - Forestdale - Logan Central (IBIS2: 43201, 43202)
    433: Kenmore - Forestdale - Berrinba - Logan Central (IBIS2: 43301, 43302)

    *432 only operates on weekdays.
    A tour may contain both 432 & 433 trips, so please take a look at the timetable before departure

    Add-ons required for the map:
    SimpleStreets by Emil
    Nemolus Traffic Signs by Nemolus
    gcW Strabenobjekte by Seeadler
    INGOLSTADT (Author?)

    Acknowledgement - Thanks to the following spline/object/texture creators:
    Jan Kiesewalter
    And all other creators whose masterpieces have been included in this map.

    The timetable is set for SD202 but you are highly recommended to use a single-decker
    You are also recommended to replace default AI vehicles with AI car pack 1&2, and set the number of Unscheduled vehicles to 50.
    Please enjoy & report any errors!

    Repaint used by Brisbane Buses




  14. Whittleton

    Welcome to Whittleton v1.1!

    Whittleton is a fictional countryside town with surrounding suburbs currently offering three drivable routes including service 525 connecting Whittleton to Ashton! I have tried to keep a UK feel to this map but please keep in mind that this is my 1st OMSI release (yes i have about 5 other maps for personal use but this is the 1st map i have created with other people in mind).

    Whitteton is currently served by Stagecoach so i recommend you download the stagecoach liverys, if you haven't already, as they are used in the map. If popularity grows and people want more then i intend on carrying on with this map and releasing updates. If that is the case then i shall introduce more service operated by more companies.

    If you haven't already then please download and install Simple Streets addon by Emil
    here - http://www.omnibussi...d&threadID=2500

    This map must not be uploaded to any other website and will only be supported in this thread.

    I would like to thank those who have supported me and encouraged me, i hope i have done this map proud.

    I gladly accept positive criticism as i strive to do better and hope to give you all some good products.

    With special thanks to;
    Freeman1001 for his superb scenery objects
    Chrisrose1993 for his splendid road markings and depot signs
    Road-hog123 for his amazing road objects
    Tony_A for his unique scenery objects
    and most importantly Owen Harvey for testing and putting up with me over the past week
    (if i have missed anyone off then i do apologies i didn't do it intentionally, just send me a PM and i shall add you )
    The Ibis list is included on the main screen


    Whittleton is now updated to v1.1

    Updated timetable for service 525; you now have a total of 53mins to complete one trip giving 7mins turn around time.
    Added traffic lights to busy junctions to help congestion!
    Other slight bits and bobs!




  15. Keedlestone

    Keedlestone v1.1 Is now outdated! However, There will be an upcoming OMSI 2 patch (v1.5) Visit the WIP thread

    Welcome To Keedlestone!

    Based around a big city, the County of Keedlestone is growing larger day by day, You can visit the beautiful Convent Gardens, Glenton Retail Park and Landbury Estate. There are many more places to visit around Keedlestone, but you will have to find that out for yourself!

    Keedlestone City has beautiful surroundings and very easy access to public transport routes including a bus station and train station!

    Park your car in town or at the designated park and ride! Its your choice, Either way, there's buses to suit your needs, Keedlestone City Transport operates all routes in and around keedlestone and you can guarantee they are on time!

    Navigate the busy city centre in your double decker as a passenger or take on the busy schedule, Can you keep to the time?

    Routes are as follows:

    76 - Keedlestone Bus Station <-> Rumford Train Station.
    20 - Dunston McDonalds <-> Dunston McDonalds (Circular).
    22 - Keedlestone Bus Station <-> Glenton Retail Park.
    S54 - Landbury College <-> Keedlestone Bus Station.
    X31 - West Kentport <-> Glenton Retail Park.
    P&R - Keedlestone Park and Ride <-> Keedlestone Park and Ride (Circular).

    Heres the release video:


    - Download the 2 parts needed from the download section (Presuming you haven’t already done this)
    - Download the Repaints By Jeffrey Lo (In the downloads section) and follow the install instructions
    - Extract the Keedlestone archives into a folder on your desktop (Or anywhere else you may want to extract it to, just make sure it is in a folder)
    - Copy all the files into your Omsi installation folder (This includes missing Splines/Scenery Objects, The ticket pack (Not yet done though), The New British money pack that I made and the IBIS codes!
    - The .Hof file is included with this release, If you wish to drive a non Keedlestone repaint bus then copy the .Hof file from your SD_202 folder into whichever vehicle folder you wish!

    You need:
    - Simple Streets
    - Yufa splines
    - Addon_GCW
    - AmpelSpline Objects (For custom junctions)
    - Canterbury Basic (For freeman's objects)
    - Bowdenham (For 90% of the objects)


    With Thanks to:
    Tomroper1995 - For scenery placement
    Roadhog123 - For road objects
    Emil - For Simple Streets
    Jeffrey Lo - For making some awesome repaints for the D92
    If there's any more I have forgotten, I'm sorry, but thank you!
    BETA Testers: Jacko, Gneb, Jeffrey Lo and David Emblen!




  16. Spandau Circular Lines

    hello everyone, as you know, there was a member on here (Lucsg) who created a thread called 'Spandau line 17' (or something) but just couldn't handle anything, so i offered to help him, help and he told me that he wants me to make sure the map gets out.

    he came up with the idea, i just made the trips, run times, timetables and the hof. and someone else did the ibis codes. I have also created the circular 16 that goes along the 17 only the opposite way.

    he has asked me to release this map now so all of our skills don't go to waste.
    as i did quite a lot on the map and like i said about the ibis codes.

    If any mod is against this thread, you can remove it by all means, i just want to help.

    i think it is a nice addition to the spandau map.




  17. Hertfordshire V3


    This map re-creates a significant section of Arriva routes 300 and 301, in Hertfordshire, England. The route runs from the town of Stevenage to Hatfield Gallaria - a run of around 1hr 10 minutes, through a mixture of urban and rural areas. Route 301 runs to Welwyn Garden City.

    Your journey starts at the centre of Stevenage, a large town north of London, in the heart of the South East Commuter belt. You Immediately head south, out of the Town Centre, through retail outlets and industrial estates, before breaking out into open countryside towards Knebworth, a large village around 5 miles south of Stevenage. After Knebworth, we continue south, passing the village of Woolmer Green, and Madeley Hill, before reaching the village of Welwyn. After Welwyn, we enter the northern part of Welwyn Garden City. We travel around the "Knightsfield" housing estates, before arriving in Welwyn Garden City Bus Station, 40 minutes after leaving Stevenage. Here,the 300 and 301 journeys split. 300 journeys continue further south, travelling through housing estates in Welwyn Garden City, before enjoying a short blast along a dual carriageway to Tesco and the Birchwood estate. Services on route 301 continue to serve the Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital and the suberbs of Welwyn Garden City - before re-joining the 300 route at Hatfield Market Place. Both services then continue to Hatfield Market Place, and terminate at Hatfield Gallaria.

    This map uses the Mercedes O530 (2 door) version for AI - with included repaints for ai buses kindly created by BusSimAddict. Please make sure you read the enclosed documentation for the IBIS codes, and further information.

    BusSimAddict - for Arriva 300/301 repaints included in the download
    Chrisrose1993 (UK House objects, depot signage & Speed hump)
    Womble (Creator of the Denton hotel and Detached house objects)
    Freeman1001 (Excellent Canterbury objects, too many to list)
    Ingoldstat objects (wall object)
    Objects by SN (Wall & Fence objects)
    Simple streets (Most roads in the map)
    TonyA (Various objects)
    Treedman (Bus stop shelter objects)




  18. Tendal

    Type of project:Fictif map

    Name of project:Tendal V2

    Participating users:Wilburg22 and Iajer and techladdie

    Updates planned for this version:

    Tendal is a large city in the middle of mountains, hills and forrests.
    Tendal is famous for its malls so you find a lot of malls here.
    People in the region of tendal like flowers a lot and maybee you see the flower contest......
    Around Tendall are a lot of towns spread out that are all part of region Tendall.
    Some are far away from tendal some aren't but they are all as good as posible made.
    This region doesn't have much traffic so traffic density must be on 11.
    Line 186 Pearlbach <=> Teteringen <=> Tendal City Center
    Line 188 Sunberg <=> cranberry town <=> Tendal City Center
    Line 88 Sunberg <=> Twinleaftown




  19. Great Colquart

    Welcome to Great Colquart.
    This map depicts the small fictional Island of Great Colquart and has three routes for you to drive.

    Please refer to the readme included in the download for instillation instructions, IBIS codes, route maps and other useful information.

    I hope you enjoy the map and look forward to your comments and suggestions; and indeed any reasonable criticisms.

    If you have any issues please post and I will try to help as best as I can.

    I would like to thank you in advance for downloading my map and hope enjoy driving on it

    Many regards Michael Wilson




  20. SMART Route #753-Pontiac, MI

    OMSI 1 ONLY! If you still want to drive a real-world bus route in Metro Detroit, then Downriver Detroit: SMART Route 160 is available for OMSI 2. I wouldn't recommend converting this map for OMSI 2, as it WILL cause OMSI to crash!
    NOTE: This also includes a folder for traffic lights-you must read the installation instructions in that folder or you will either get an error or the map will load normally but most traffic lights won't appear at all.
    This map currently features one driveable route and several more AI-only routes, all of which are based on real-world routes in Pontiac, Michigan, US. Please do note that there are no driveable routes on Sundays and holidays at this moment. Includes a modified "Holiday.txt" file to include American holidays and school vacations covering the years between 2011 and 2014. The map features a small downtown district at the southern end and a large outlet mall and other major retail destinations at the northern end, with mostly suburbia in between, but it becomes more rural as you get closer to the mall.
    Please read the readme file included in the download!




  21. Wilburg

    This map is in the regio tendal. Tendal is a fictional city in england. Around tendal are lots of towns, mountains and more that are connect by these buslines:

    88 Sunberg - Twintown
    186 Pearlbach - Tendal
    188 Sunberg - Tendal
    196 Puckburg - Tendal
    197 Puckburg - Tendal




  22. Keedlestone Reloaded

    Welcome back to Keedlestone,

    Keedlestone 1.61 Information:

    - New self extractors for easy installation! (Just select inside your OMSI2 directory)

    You need to download the required files installer (Same setup as the map installer)
    found HERE as they are the 1.61 changed / updated files!

    Keedlestone is a fictional map, bringing the best of British and some elements from other maps / places into one map!

    There are lots more to do this time around,
    The local council has moved the park and ride site to a more suitable location and has invested lots of money in brand new buses!
    You can visit Landbury University, the stunning Corton Bay, or Rumford... We promise you won't be disappointed this time around.
    Lots of time and effort went into making the OMSI2 patch, there are brand new repaints, routes are so much longer and there are many more custom made objects to add that extra British feel!

    To find out more information, visit keedlestone.fellowsfilm.co.uk or the WIP thread located
    Developed by Fellowslothb, Tomroper1995 & XxJ0RD6NxX.

    75: Marbury <-> Corton Bay
    76: Keedlestone Bus Station <-> Rumford Train Station
    22: Glenton P&R Circular
    X10: Rumford Station <-> Landbury University via Keedlestone & Glenton

    Required Objects/splines:
    - Keedlestone Reloaded Required Files Pack
    - \
    - Simple Streets ... Emil
    - Terrain Spines



    1) Download the required files: Map, Objects and splines
    2) Extract these into a folder of your choice (Can be a new folder on your desktop)
    3) Copy over the OMSI2 folder into your main directory, standard steam install is located: "C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2" but this could be on a different drive!
    4) The .Hof file is located "OMSI 2\Documents\Keedlestone Reloaded" Copy this into whatever vehicle folder you wish
    5) Driver rotas and the routemap are coming in another update!


    With thanks to BETA Testers:
    - 100bus
    - BusSimAddict
    - Jacko
    - Threxx11
    - Gneb




  23. Manly ACT ONE - OMSI 2

    Welcome to Manly, the tourist hotspot of Sydney, only seven miles from Sydney, but a thousand miles from care.
    Take a drive around the Northern Beaches with its tricky hilly terrains and fantastic sandy beaches.
    Manly Wharf acts as a transport hub where you can get off the ferry from Circular Quay and either sun it up in Manly or head further afield.

    Manly ACT ONE includes the following driveable routes:
    136 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why via Curl Curl (truncated)
    E36 - Manly Wharf to North Curl Curl EXPRESS
    139 - Manly Wharf to Warringah Mall via Freshwater and South Curl Curl
    155 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Shops via Warringah Mall (truncated)
    159 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Grand via Wingala and Dee Why Beach.

    This heavy map has been designed for OMSI2 and includes the following extra features:
    - includes NSW RMS (Australia) standards street signage
    - Enviro Double Decker bus with TFNSW Repaint adapted from origianl repaint by MrJ
    - 1600 custom objects including intersections, custom buildings, street furniture, trees and bus shelters
    - 100 splines including roadways, fences and walls

    Download both RAR files (Components and SceneryObjects) and merge the content with each appropriate folders in your OMSI2 folder.
    Make sure that you replace and delete any previous versions of this map.
    Be sure to turn your settings down

    Legal Stuff
    This map is provided as is. It is not to be uploaded to any other server other than AussieX.
    It may be altered for personal use, but may not be uploaded in an altered state.
    Objects may be used for other maps as long as credit is given. IF credit isn't given then you have no such permission. If I have used your content and failed to acknowledge as much in the readme file, please let me know and I will rectify this at the earliest convenience.
    If you have questions, PM me on AussieX for clarification. All logos and likenesses remain the property of the hard working folk of the Northern Beaches.




  24. Manly ACT ONE

    Welcome to Manly, the tourist hotspot of Sydney, only seven miles from Sydney, but a thousand miles from care.
    Take a drive around the Northern Beaches with its tricky hilly terrains and fantastic sandy beaches.
    Manly Wharf acts as a transport hub where you can get off the ferry from Circular Quay and either sun it up in Manly or head further afield.
    Manly ACT ONE includes the following driveable routes:
    136 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why via Curl Curl (truncated)
    E36 - Manly Wharf to North Curl Curl EXPRESS
    139 - Manly Wharf to Warringah Mall via Freshwater and South Curl Curl
    155 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Shops via Warringah Mall (truncated)
    159 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Grand via Wingala and Dee Why Beach.
    This heavy map has been designed for OMSI 1 and includes the following extra features:
    - various AI Cars featuring NSW numberplates
    - includes NSW RMS (Australia) standards street signage
    - MBO405 Left path bus from businterchange and rollblind mod and repaints
    - 1600 custom objects including intersections, custom buildings, street furniture, trees and bus shelters
    - 100 splines including roadways, fences and walls
    Download both RAR files (Components and SceneryObjects) and merge the content with each appropriate folders in your OMSI folder.
    Make sure that you replace and delete any previous versions of this map.
    Be sure to turn your settings down
    Additional Downloads
    Modified MBO405 or Manly
    Legal Stuff
    This map is provided as is. It is not to be uploaded to any other server other than AussieX.
    It may be altered for personal use, but may not be uploaded in an altered state.
    If you wish to port it to OMSI 2, please advise of your methods and I shall in time release an official version.
    Objects may be used for other maps as long as credit is given. If I have used your content and failed to acknowledge as much in the readme file, please let me know and I will rectify this at the earliest convenience.
    If you have questions, PM me on AussieX for clarification. All logos and likenesses remain the property of the hard working folk of the Northern Beaches.




  25. Hertfordshire v2

    As requested on this thread () (Post #192).

    Initial upload from myself. Permission granted from original creator (mrmoose).

    Creators original license:
    THIS MAP SHOULD ONLY BE DOWNLOADED FROM/HOSTED AT WWW.AUSSIEX.ORG. Support will be available in the forum section of above website only. Thank You for your co-operation!