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Here is where you can download all of the OZx scenery files.

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    OZx AU Complete + OZx NA Complete + OZx Libraries

    Instructions for OZx 3.0:

    Instructions for OZx 3.1:

    ======================================================================== Instructions for OZx 3.2:

    Instructions for OZx 3.3:

    ======================================================================== Instructions for OZx Libraries 1.0 + 1.1:

    ======================================================================== Instructions for OZx NA 1.01:




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    OZx Torres Strait Islands

    Welcome to the Torres Strait Islands, and the OZx generation II’s first project. This package includes 18 islands in the Torres Strait Island area to explore, and it has taken a solid 8 months to produce. We hope the tireless efforts of our new OZx II Gen team have paid off with this debut scenery.

    The Torres Strait Islands are a group of 274 islands and small islets in a gap of shallow sea between Cape York in Queensland, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. These islands are beautiful remote paradises surrounded by shallow coral filled water, and usually very few people living on them. Many however have nothing at all; just wet forests, beaches and shallow water.


    Download and run the OZx_TSI_v1.0 installer
    Ensure you have installed the OZx LIBS 1.0 and 1.1
    Load up, fly and enjoy!

    Please consult user guide by downloading it from the link below:


    Now go and download your full version of OZx Gen II 's first project!




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    OZx AU 3.4 upgrade

    OZx is proud to introduce OZx 3.4, our latest upgrade to the Australian virtual bush flying experience! It includes over a dozen new airstrips and points of interest around Australia, from the lush, tropical coasts of the Northern Territory, Arnhem Land and Queensland, to the dry, red desert centres of South Australia and Western Australia, and the lovely temperate climate of Victoria.

    From small bush strips like YHTL Heathlands to regional airports such as YMGD Maningrida, this package will suit whatever your taste is!
    OZx 3.4 is the result of many hours of tireless effort from our beginner and senior developers and testers. This package is a testimony to their efforts, and we all hope you enjoy this new scenery as much as we did creating it!

    Installation Instructions

    1. Download and run the OZx_3.4 Installer.

    2. Check that you have the OZx Library installed and patched to v1.1

    3. DEFRAGMENT your HDD (NOT your SSD if you have one).

    4. Ensure that “OZx_AUS” & “OZx_LIB” are enabled in the FSX Scenery Library with “OZx_AUS” at top of list -- and that FTX Central is set to Australia.

    5. Check the “OZx_Extras_Readme.pdf” file in your “Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\OZx\User_Docs” folder and install any items of interest.