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  2. What are you working on?

    Any advice or tips on creating duty cards or running boards for grundorf? First time so starting off low. Have tried OMSI HelpMaker but doesn’t really make duty cards, just timetables and route maps. Help would be greatly appreciated, thx.
  3. Today
  4. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Jethro Thank you very much for your extensive remarks. I will experiment with your proposals and I hope to resolve the problem with the transparent buildings. Corresponding to the DX10 manual there are so much settings I can try, the problem for me however is, that I don't always understand the exact meaning for every point. As I said in my answer to your first response, when I untick the DX10 mode and I run the FSX in DX9 mode, everything is in best order and all buildings are represented correctly (no transparent buildings). But why these transparent buildings occur only in YTYA? Till now I never located this problem with other airports. Best regards, Heinz
  5. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Got ther train etc but no forklift as in J's pic ( thats in fsx)
  6. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Warren ten and above, so on par or better than Parkes/Dubbo for me. But only one forklift, and no train?.
  7. Joinfs

    Hello Guys Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question . I installed Joinfs on my new PC windows 10 and I cant connect to my other pc which is set up as a private server for a small group. Any help is much appreciated. FSX/P3dv4.1 Note I can join msflight ok.my server is on LAN
  8. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Thanks Craig FYI my framerates are pretty bad tonight. Dubbo & Parkes under ten, radiotelescopes were above 12. Open country just getting a bit above that. Not the 30fps I was hoping for. So my results won't really help, sorry. But thanks for all you've done. Boy you whacked that loco with a big stick!!.
  9. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Yeah...Noel those files are the new ones I moved into my folder, so they should be the ones in the zip file, with a few others. zz should work fine, or just create a new folder in there and dump them in that will also work.
  10. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Hi Craig, The files pointed to in attached grab were ones I did not have. I renamed your listed files "zz........off", will that work?
  11. What am I missing?

    My general advice is to go over to Omsi 2.
  12. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Ive just noticed Bruce...thats the old train, and the old version. You need to remove those dds texture files I mention and anything new should overwrite any old files with the same name. the train has the same file name as the previous one, so it should be an "overwrite the old file". The new objects should look like Jorges, and add in the missing forklift textures and you should be good to go.
  13. Line / Tour assitance on bowdenham

    A known problem with the Omsi 1 version of Bowdenham is that one of the crossings is out of allignment. This lead to defective tracks and trips and that's the reason why you don't see any scheduled traffic.
  14. Happy Birthday Trev!!

    Happy birthday Trev! Glenn.
  15. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    I have a ground scenery problem at Bathurst (no payware). Global, Vector, Freemesh Oceania all on. Suggestions?? Will post Warren pics once there,,,,
  16. Happy Birthday Trev!!

    Thanks Bruce.
  17. Line / Tour assitance on bowdenham

    have u checked map tools cos it looks like some stuff is missing. perhaps post your logfile here ?
  18. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Missing texture to go in the ozx_LIB/texture folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/xya9vbg0g4f0woj/ch_ywrn_forklift_container_0.zip?dl=0
  19. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hello Heinz, I was hoping you were running an Nvidia graphics card, I would have more ideas resolving your transparent buildings issue. I have zero experience with Radeon cards or the Catalyst drivers setup for FSX/DX10+Fixer. Though I think that maybe where your problem could be. I will need to ask a friend which Catalyst driver version are best (most stable) for FSX. There may also be an outside chance that you have your DX10 fixer setup incorrectly, have you consulted the manual, or visited Steve's site or used "Adam Banks" DX10 setup guide http://www.nzfsim.org/ (when you go to this link click the green "ENTER" button.) Click DX10 fixer in the banner menu will take you to the Doc File & download page http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=downloads&f_sort=fixer Have you tried using Default DX9 mode (Uncheck DX10 - restart sim) what were the results. Have you tried re-naming your FSX.cfg to FSX.cfg.Heinz as a backup. Found in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX Doing so will remove any Venetubo tweaks (which can also cause such graphical errors), the [Trusted] section from the config will need to be acknowledged again when the sim restarts along with your FSX graphics and setup section. Upon restart FSX will create a fresh config. Not many continue to use Venetubo tweaks, since hardware has become more capable. (ie; Venetubo Shader 3.0 tweak) never quite worked when combined with Radeon Graphics. But sometimes did with Nvidia graphics, depending on driver version and other tweaks in the config. Because you are using DX10, there may be a glitch in the Shaders10 folder, you can refresh these shaders by deleting the contents of the Shaders10 folder, (Make a backup before deleting / move them for safety if you wish, store them in a folder on your desktop). found here: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX FSX will re-create fresh DX10shaders when the DX10 option is re-enabled. It might also be a good idea to perform the same deletion within the Shaders folder (DX9 shaders) so you are guaranteed fresh shaders whichever mode you choose to run FSX in. Below: the one essential tweak all FSX:MS users should have in the FSX.cfg [GRAPHICS] <====in this section HIGHMEMFIX=1
  20. YTYA Tyabb strange textures

    Hi Jethro The answers to your questions: I am using FSX MS + SP1 + Acceleration DX10 with Steve's DX10 Fixer Radeon Graphics card AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series Graphics driver updated recently OS Windows 7 Home Premium There are some tweaks in the FSX cfg (Venetubo) Llibraries (v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2 installed in that order) are up to date The problem seems to be DX10 mode. When I untick the box, no transparent buildings. What I don't understand, why this problem occurs only in YTYA. I never remark this problem with another OZx airport. Cheers, Heinz
  21. Happy Birthday Trev!!

    Ahh W10 the answer to a maidens prayer (not), better of watching the cricket. I see Cook lived up to expectations.. Ps. Happy birthday
  22. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Yes the flight plan.. Jorge
  23. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Will download & have a look later this evening/tomorrow. Too washed out right now to take a chance n not screwing it up. The above download (not the P3D windsock) is I take it ok for FSX?.
  24. Liveries operating out of YSBK for any painters looking for idea's Alabeo PA44 Seminole https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8739078 Carenado or Alabeo Navajo or Cheiftan - Airmed https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8679344 Basair B58 Carenado https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8669811 Carenado Citation https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8556565
  25. Missing airports

    Because its too difficult to port backwards and those who designed these Airports for OZx which was for fsx have probably removed FS9 to begin with, I know I did once I finally moved, I deleted everything I had for FS9! Unfortunately what is there in the complete VOZ package is it, if you are after more fs9 airports for Australia go here, http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004/australia.html
  26. OZX JoinFS Club Flight November 24

    Windsock for P3D YWRN.. YWRN_WS.xml P3D 4.1converted
  27. Ant's Airplanes Trojan T28A public beta

    Ants, as I said when the P3D window is not the active window the sound of the T20 mutes , it does not happen on my system with the winjeel I am testing that now... Jorge
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