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  5. Id like to know how to change a bus fleet. e.g. Route 1 and 2 Wotton HR to the Bramley Bus depot as I would like to change some of the services so some work with first and others work with other companies to get a change. (No, I know how to change the repaint of the vehicle, I would just like to know how to change to a different depot.) Thanks.
  6. I'm posting this on behalf of Bruce who for some unknown reason is unable to post at the moment. Waddamana to Devonport, take off 9.30 Zulu, total distance 112nm Here is the link to the plan-G flight plan
  7. A 1990 Volvo B10MA/Camo Camus in Transport NSW livery was sighted operating a route 2 service to Wotton High Road this morning on behalf of Stagecoach Apsley
  8. This as now been fixed, thank you for letting me know
  9. Ah, well the D92 does have the sound system in place, the announcements it self aren't installed for the map or there is something else blocking. Can you post the OMSI log? You can see the path where OMSI is looking for the sound files. But in general terms most if not all buses can play announcements.
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