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  2. Driving in Bad Kinzau, a old omsi 1 map that was converted too omsi 2.
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  4. On Saturday 18 February 2017, Arriva Wotton will be saying farewell to its four remaining MAN EN92 duplicate. The single-deck buses have been in service for 22 years, originally operating under Mainline before Arriva bought out the operation of the Wotton depot in 2000. The original batch consisted of 9 buses, given fleet numbers from 3641 to 3649. Now, after 22 years, the remaining buses (3642, 3643, 3644 and 3648) will be given a send-off to celebrate the years of entertainment and reliability they have brought to public transport. Throughout the day, the buses will be operating on the following routes: · 3642 – X2 (first dep: 0700 from Apsley Bus Station; final dep: 1835 from Knockhill) · 3643 – 115 (first dep: 0815 from Wotton High Road; final dep: 1745 from Apsley Bus Station) · 3644 – 50 (first dep: 0650 from Apsley, Birch Estate; final dep: 1833 from Barton Lido) · 3649 – 375 (first dep: 0645 from Apsley Bus Station; final dep: 1915 from Herefield) After the buses have completed their normal service, they will be reconvening for photo opportunities at Apsley Bus Station for the final time, where they will all then perform their final running duties at 1945 from Apsley Bus Station to Wotton Bus Depot, and finally back to Bramley bus depot for their final send-off.
  5. My gosh such a long month I still been looking everyday haha hope your having a good break chuck
  6. Now try it on the correct thread. There is one right at the top of "work in progress". Like here. Edit... Now I see that you already posted there. There is definitely no need to repost AND create a new one.
  7. Check for duplicated scenery. Rogers Aussie Airfields also has a YBHI with three files I have renamed with a .bak extension. I don't know if that is the cause of the lights but it is worth a try if you do have duplicated scenery.
  8. I need help doing a repaint for the Volvo bt9l
  9. Please, what your helicopters are compatible with P3D v3? Thank you pgbart
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