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  3. I have finished up going with ESET as recommended by Jay.
  4. National Express Coventry Mercedes 0530G Citaro on Route 4
  5. another fantastic work. thx so much . you guys who make all this are awesome
  6. Just flew around YBHI, mate that is stunning! What a great job of blending.. It's great to have another mine to fly to.. Thanks again.. Teecee.
  7. Mainline Autosan H9-35:
  8. Fantastic.. we lost our internet in a big storm three days ago, and it just came back on..what a treat to see this great scenery was available.. Thanks mate.. Teecee.
  9. Now that looks pretty good
  10. Departing LIQL & heading SW for a birdseye view of the leaning Tower at Pisa before heading Nrth up the coast for LILQ with a further two stops before arriving at or final destination at LILO. I've found three additional airfields not previously in FSX / P3D hence the need to install the "Required Scenery" A/C: 189nm so probably something capable of a 150 Kt cruise. mix of hard & soft fields but nothing requiring STOL capability <Required Scenery>
  11. Quit simple: Click on the route screen so the program appears in windowed version, then click on menu and then choose Change size. You can replace it now to wherever you like.
  12. is there any for G ciolquhart please
  13. i just downloaded the finnish airlines C-47 and it doesnt work, is there a fix to it... because i have been searching for the livery and finally found your file...

  14. The Pom says thanks for your kind wishes, I will consider you all in my next Birthday Honours list As stated here there is a job waiting for you Jorge
  15. Craig you are awesome! Thankyoythankyouthankyou!!!
  16. I have had a good run for many years using Avast! First as freeware, then the Pro version for the last two years. An account includes iOS and Android cover. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  17. Awesome Gray. Looking forward to more of your RFDS shots around here.
  18. You can't get more life like than that!
  19.'s not 20/10's 20/20 hindsight! I had to spend a day doing an engine change on a C404 right out front of Steve's hangar on the tarmac in scorching heat because everyone had full hangars and I couldn't rent any space to do it under cover!
  20. Nice image Anton. Enjoy Broken Hill.
  21. Well done Craig. I must have had a premonition as today I spent a few hours flying the PC-24 in central west NSW calling in at Dubbo and Narromine, one guess where I will be going tomorrow. Here is a screenshot from today (I couldn't work out how to get the BBCodes from the Gallery). Thank you for your awesome work. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro Just tried the link I just posted and it goes off to the wrong place. What happened to the old image hosting and how should I post an image now. I used the Gallery but there was no mention that this was the system that replaced image hosting. I'm a bit lost now. Cheers Anton. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Please read the readme, there is a link in there for Sceneryobjects and splines.
  23. From the album antonvs

    2017-01-22 Central west NSW FSX Flight in Iris PC-24 at Narromine YNRM. Thanks to hanleyc.
  24. Oh Jorge you found me out, MI5 are recruiting right now I'll put in a good word! Job Vacancies MI5
  25. Plenty of RFDS flights in and out of here. Awesome Craig.
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