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  1. Today
  2. Driving the extended version of line 20 towards Zuyderwaerd in the (WIP) Vlietburg map V6.7
  3. I'm on a strict saving regimen for my upcoming holiday roadtrip so I am dying to know what folk think and maybe provide a teaser video
  4. Fantastic.. Mate your dedication is amazing.. Teecee. PS: shouldn't you be in bed?
  5. Looking good.. Nice to see so much work being done on these small ports. Thank you. Teecee.
  6. Virgin Active Beacon Hill
  7. More Commercial Space
  8. Magnificent work! One question though, will it be published or is it a private modification?
  9. Trev and I then flew to Canberra at dusk
  10. All done and dusted for this time.
  11. Hi Brett, A: No, this is the ROG monitoring and OC tool for your GTX1060 Graphics Card and should be left enabled. The Nvidia Inspector/Profiler is a Graphics tool to give access to the inaccessible features of the Nvidia graphics driver native Control Panel. The Native control Panel features are accessed by either right clicking your mouse on a blank area of your desktop and selecting "Nvidia Control Panel" or by going into Windows "Control Panel" (large or small icon display) and selecting/double clicking "Nvidia Control Panel" icon. NVI = Nvidia Inspector (The earlier iteration of the program) NVP = Nvidia Profiler (The latest iteration, with some changes to its access to user/game profiles) You would more than likely only be able to download the latest NVProfiler, but the earlier NVI tool versions can be found via google search, but may lead you back to the developers original German webpage (Download page) http://orbmu2k.de/tools/nvidia-inspector-tool#more-244 There are earlier versions but I think it best to use the latest version NVP (NvidiaProfiler) which will better suit your modern graphics hardware GTX1060 and the Nvidia driver version you have installed. "Nvidia Inspector / profiler" once downloaded and extracted to a folder in C:\Program files\NvidiaInspectorProfiler - will need to be accessed by creating a shortcut to the ( nvidiaInspector.exe ) on your desktop. The "Driver profile Settings" are accessed via the button with the "crossed screwdriver and spanner" directly adjacent the "Driver Version" in the opening Profiler panel. You should also make sure you have these files in the same NvidiaInspectorProfiler folder otherwise the profile entries/selections in NVI will be unreadable. CustomSettingNames_en-EN.xml nvidiaInspector.exe nvidiaInspector.exe.config Perhaps reading a few forums and Youtube Videos (FSX specific for NVP with modern graphics hardware) about the Nvidia Inspector Profiler setup and use might be the way to go, just so that you have in your own mind how it works with the sim, and the advantages/disadvantages for each setting. (There are only specific settings that other users have found useful - there is no need to mess with all the settings. I could provide you with a screenie of my own NVI settings for FSX, but I am using an older version v1.9.7.3 (before NVInspector became NVProfiler) with a whql Nvidia Driver v347.25 for my Gigabyte GTX770/OC graphics card. My settings may only be used as a guide for obvious mileage reasons. Let me know if you need my inspector setup pics, or possibly the guys here who are using the latest NVP might provide you with a profile .nip
  12. Et hop, done !
  13. My Parisian modification of Ahlheim has almost come to completion and I must admit that it looks rather amazing!! Feel free to drool over the screenshots!
  14. The Old Scunthorpe Modern V2 that runs for OMSI 1 is no longer available and yes unfortunately we'll all have to wait for the new Scunthorpe Modern Version but it will be the RHD buses that is used for the UK and that means driving on the left
  15. I just bought it. It has some nice things in it. Didn't try it in game yet.
  16. Hi Omsi-ites, I want to take the opportunity to remind you of the Aussiex donation drive. As Jaykea already mentioned every tiny bit helps. So don't buy that candy bar today but instead give that amount of money to Aussiex. It will ensure an ad-free forum with the high-quality download service as we all are accustomed to. Thanks in advance Mr Drive
  17. Indeed, It looks promising and I have had some positive feedback about it. The link with OmniNavigator means more folk can enjoy the optimized Manly route directions
  18. I've had quite good results by simply adding the area from my FSX installation using the Scenery Library. When P3DV4 versions are ready it'll be just a matter of deleting the scenery entry for the FSX location and installing directly into P3DV4.
  19. Thank you guys for all the kind responses! Ok so I currently have two ASUS AH-IPS 27 inch 1920x1080 LCD monitors will be getting a third when I get this up an running. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to computers, here is the software that came with my new graphics card attached I am assuming this is what your calling the native CP? (stupid question does this need to be removed or disabled when I get the NVI/NVP?). With NVI/NVP are they two independent programs or is it best to get both to run along side each other? Cheers
  20. A continuation of Last weeks Norway flight Date 1 July Time 1830 local Dep. ENBL If you saved the flight when we landed at ENBL just load that flight, if not, use my same wx file posted last week https://www.dropbox.com/s/42jkb4xo5hyamnh/206.zip?dl=0 Flight Plan: <AIP Norway> if required
  21. And above that - Anisotropic instead of Trilinear. @brettoze Brett, you will need to set your Anisotropic Filtering to 16x in your Nvidia Control Panel, and if using Nvidia Inspector (Profiler) you should set 16x for the aces.exe / fsx.exe profile. You might also like to set your Antialasing in the NvidiaCP 8x, and for more AA settings use Nvidia Inspector (Profiler) AA to at least 8xSQ. I personally use 16xS. The use of NVI/NVP will allow access to settings not found in the native Nvidia Control Panel and therefore some selections must be made and saved to a profile, the guys here can help with those settings or supply a (.nip) profile. Once an NVI Profile has been set, there is no need to return to the native CP, otherwise native NvidiaCP settings will override NVI/NVP that you will be using for your FSX simulator. Obviously there are some settings in NVI/NVP which can also improve your sim performance and appearance, you have a strong system and therefore it will be able to tolerate some higher settings. There is also an Nvidia CP tool for setting DSR (DynamicSuperResolution) for your monitor, but lets get your basic FSX Nvidia 3D and FSX looking sharp before going down that road. Incidentally - what are you using as Display monitor, the pixilation is overwhelming, or possibly taken with a phone camera. If you need to take example screenshots in your simulator to show what your sim looks like in reality, you should use the keyboard "V" key, the screenie taken will be saved as a .bmp in your C:\Users\yourusername\Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files - folder you can open them in MSPaint to resize and "save as" .jpg Alternatively you can use a free program such as ( IrfanView ) to do a bulk resize and conversion of your saved V key screenies from .bmp to .jpg Jpeg quality is still just as good only with a much lower file size than a bitmap file.
  22. No it doesn't...Not for FSX, I don't have it ticked, you can use the Graph card for Anti-aliasing with FSX then the system itself.. But I guess that's personal preference
  23. You just beat me to it Jorge! Anti-aliasing needs to be ticked.
  24. No worries mate all good
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