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Development of Maldives in FSX

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Well in my opinion, as being a Maldivian as well as an enthusiast in Aviation Industry I would recommend Orbx-FTX company for producing or making a product which will bring the Maldives (one of the favorite destination for tourists) back to life for Virtual Pilots who use FSX (optional X-Plane). Here are my suggestions to include in the package:

- Covering all the DOMESTIC AIRPORTS in Maldives in realistic and in super shining detail (HD)

- Covering all the ISLANDS especially INHABITED ISLANDS in realistic and in super high definition

- Making all the TOURIST RESORTS in super high definition and keeping all the Air Taxi Traffic (TMA and MAT) in super realistic way

- Keeping land, water and air traffic in realistic and in High Definition

- Make AIR TRAFFIC with Maldivian (Island Aviation PVT Ltd), Trans Maldivian Air Taxi (TMA), Maldivian Air Taxi (MAT) and all the International Flight Traffics in super realistic way and in High Definition

In a nutshell, this product should be made just like products made for Australia by Orbx-FTX.

For more information email me at: [email protected]

Maldivian Air Taxi (MAT) Website: www.maldivianairtaxi.com

Trans Maldivian Air Taxi (TMA) Website: www.transmaldivian.com

Maldivian (Island Aviation) Website: www.maldivian.aero

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