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why am i doing this

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to day i have had this dame i don't no i was going to do something with Flight sim last night and for the life of me i don't no what it was

and its been on me all day last night i just finished my privet FSX textures for my friend and I with call signs and all on them

and this dame PC i get my new on tomorrow so ill be able to do all the scenery stuff now i have like five Air Fields to do two i have to make because there not there in the default scenery and the bloody auto gen building keep on popping up and i want them to stop and this dame I.S.A.F F-4 Phantom the couler is just arrrrr and to every time i save a texture it gos all funny on me i have that many textures to do any way

The News I have completed the Ace Combat Mobius One F/A-18 Texture and the R.A.A.F Vietnam Huey why do i have so many aircraft for FSX

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