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Twitter here, Twitter there....

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This is pretty funny actually, Twitter is a glorified SMS system, well at least on my iPhone it is. Known amongst my peers to have a passionate hate for SN I too have now stuck a toe in the puddle of emotional dispair called Twitter. I of course mean no disrespect at all to anyone and as a matter of fact I enjoy the simplicity of the idea and of the actual application as such. SN is something that is what Prince would call the "Sign O' The Times", emotional distance from eachother runs rampant and people do not know anymore how to interact with eachother anymore unless it is from behind the safetynet of the item we so loveingly call a computer. Dante would have probably called it "Lucifer's Ultimate Trap" or something of the likes. Anyway, I am ranting now lol as said, I do enjoy it myself this Twitter so I should probably just can it and get on with it....

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