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A hectic week

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Well, in between building the installer for Ben Lomond and the release of that addon and the dramas we have had with downloads over at REX, which now have been fixed, it is business as usual. I am contemplating on writing an open letter to ask for devs to come onboard for when FTX releases North America which is just a small outlook at the future of OZx really. Got 1100 emails this week that needed to be answered so I just finished up on that today, this is not counting the numerous spam messages that my Kaspersky filters out. Anyway, I am just babbling really, I am sure this is riveting for you to read lol

On another note, I am worried about Wolter aka UHU_Fledermaus, I have not seen him around or heard from him, so Wolter if you are out there please drop me a line man :)

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