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OZx Donation Drive 2012 Please Help If You Can

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Dear All,

There are quite a few costs coming up soon for licenses, servers, services etc. that keep OZx running as it should, any help will be appreciated from your end. It is an easy process, just click on the little logo below and that will take you to the which will be taking care of the donation process this time around. The total cost is $1785AUD

I personally thank you for any help you can give OZx !

EDIT: I just got 2 Private Messages from people asking if they can donate more than 'just' the $5

blush.png (which I am incredibly happy with already!) . Yes, you can, there is a dropdown bar on the page you get taken too where you can select other amounts. Thank you all so much already!

With kind regards,

Jay Kae



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