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Iam a busfanat that loves to play omsi, iam doing OMSI bus and map reviews and iam showing my own maps and addons here. Also some other game reviews

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Hey guys, wilburg22 here with another game review.

This time iam reviewing Mario kart 8 for the Wii U.

This game gets a 7 out of 10 from me, under here you can read why.

Maps/courses: 3/5 points, Nice tracks, but a little messy and hard to follow, there are very large changes in old maps, and they only look weird on the way the old maps are made. Also, all battle courses removed, battles are now on normal courses

Vehicles/carts 5/5 Excelent parts and costumisation.

Characters/persons 2/5 There are lots of awsome characters removed, even the new characters contain metal mario and rose peach, 2 basicly retextured mario's and peaches. The addition of lakitu is pretty nice but thats all. The koopalings are 8 new characters, but they are so simular that its almsot like your driving the same character. and then bowser Jr. removed? please, WHY does nintendo removed bowser Jr.? with the koopaligns they wanted to complete bowser family but they ruined that by removing bowser Jr. . Further are the statistics that are character based very unrealistic.

Apart form that there are not many characters to choose from.

FPS: 3/5 The fps drops noticably in multiplayer and lowers the fun of multiplayer a lot.

Multiplayer: 4/5: Good multiplayer system, but as said above, the fps.....

Features 3/5 Nice features with the new items, coins and anti gravity.

But they removed wheelies from the bikes and all battle maps are removed with that, theres no reason to choose a bike anymore becouse the drifting on carts is still better.

Well that was it, have a nice day, wilburg22

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