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About this blog

A blog showing off all my projects and announcements.

Entries in this blog


Hello All,

First off, I would like to say thank you to all of the people who contacted me over the past couple of months concerned about where I have disappeared to, and I apologise for not responding to you all. I am doing very well, and I apologise for my absence from the forum.

Many of you may know me as the person behind the Greater London & Central Map (GLaC) and my version of the Wright Gemini 2, which I started working on in September 2014, and it is with great regret that I am announcing that these projects are no longer work-in-progress, due to many reasons that I will explain below. While I was confident that the progress of the GLaC map, Wright Gemini 2 and Clayford Westferry was going very well (and many of you might have seen from the images I posted on this forum), I quickly ran into complications with the creation of the map.

One pressing issue is the time I had to work on the GLaC map and buses. Many of you know that I was 16 years old when I started the GLaC map and the buses, and months after I started, work on the map conflicted with the work I had to do for my 6th form college studies. This wasn’t an issue at first, but more and more of my time was being allocated to my studies, as it really should be. Eventually during the 1st quarter of 2015, progress was eventually halted to make way for my studies and, to this very day, It is extremely hard to find the time to work on anything OMSI-related.

Another issue that I ran into whilst making the map was the legality of using the objects from various sources. For example, some of the real-life building objects were sourced from the Trimble 3D warehouse, which were free to download, but most of these objects that I used in my map came with personal usage license, and I would be breaching this term if I distribute it to the OMSI community.

The incompatibility when it came to left-hand-drive vehicles was yet another issue that I ran into whilst making the map. In total, I ran 42 tests on the map, where I noticed errors with the AI cars not behaving as they should. Many errors caused the game to lag severely while trying to handle the spline paths on the map.

The issues I had with the GLaC map regarded the objects and custom junctions that I created for it, which worked in previous versions of OMSI 2. However, in newer versions of OMSI 2, these objects seem to not work and tiles do not show in the map anymore. I tried to re-install previous versions of OMSI 2, but this only made matters worse, as the GLaC map was no longer recognised by the game, and after months of discussing the issue with OMSI developers, they recommended me to restart the creation of the map again, apologising for the inconvenience. This missing tile issue still exists in OMSI, and it is for that reason why I can no longer play certain maps, such as Bowdenham v4.0.

With all of these issues, I came to the difficult decision to suspend the progress of the map and buses. with regards to the map, Other projects based on London exist, such as the South London Project, I which I 100% support the progress of, and I truly believe that the developers behind this London map are creating something that is much better than what I was going to create.

It is not the end of OMSI Development for me, however. Most of my time is now spent creating objects and vehicles for OMSI 2, as well as doing repaints on buses (expect these repaints to be released later on this month). 

Thanks for taking the time to read this very long message.



The modelling of this bus is quite complicated. I have been using various 3d modelling software, such as Blender, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3DS MAX and sketchup. While i do not recommend to anyone the way i model my buses, I simply model this way to suit my modelling skills. I think it's going quite well so far, and i'm sure you will agree:


...and the Rear View:



I haven't been on this forum for a while because of internet problems, but I'm back (Hooray!), and I have many updates for the Greater London and Central Map.

Firstly, after a whole week, on working on crossovers near Victoria bus station, I finally finished:


Here it is in OMSI:




Yes, I know, Still a lot of work to do. At least this is good Progress.

I'm also working on the London bus Shelter (The old one):


I'm also going to start working on the new London Bus Shelter that has been appearing at certain bus stops over the past 4 years.

Remember the date: August 2016. I also said i was going to start a thread on my map, and i'm very sorry for the delay. expect it very very soon.

Source: What are you working on? (OMSI 2)


Hey there! I know I've kept quiet about this bus but now I will update you on the progress of the Clayford Westferry D. this is one of the 23 fictional buses that i made just for fun, but now, because of the lack of Right hand drive buses in the OMSI community, I decided to develop this bus for OMSI 2. Now, Pictures:








As you can see, there is quite a lot of work to do: Signage (Bus Stopping, London iBus, etc), making the blinds work, finishing the dashboard, completing the interior, deciding on what engine I would put in this bus, scripting, converting, and so many more. As this is a fictional bus, it will take me less time to make compared to real-life buses. Did I make this on Sketchup? Yes. All of my fictional buses were made in Sketchup. Look out for more updates!



I would like to announce i will be starting a Greater London & Central Thread for my map work after my October progress Update, which you can see here on my blog on the 17 October. This would mean:

  • Weekly Updates on the state of the map
  • Questions and Answers
  • Suggestions on what extra you would like in the map

I would also make separate threads for my bus work, including:

  • Wright Eclipse Gemini
  • Wright Gemini 2
  • Clayford DailyStar Double Hybrid (Fictional Bus)
  • Clayford Westferry D (Fictional Bus)
  • Alexander Dennis Enviro200

Stay Tuned for More Updates Soon!


Hello everyone. A lot of people have been asking me of what they can do on this brand new map, so below I've listed the details.

If you read my previous post, you would have noticed that I have put up a list of routes that will be drivable in the first release, however, this was only a drat of the major routes. I mentioned to a few people who PM'ed me for details of this map that will be around 50 drivable routes in the first release. The aerial layout process has allowed me to determine the first Drivable routes.

The Drivable routes available in Release 1 are:

  • Route 1: Tottenham Court Road - Canada Water
  • Route 2: Marylebone - Norwood Bus Garage
  • Route 3: Oxford Circus - Crystal Palace
  • Route 5: Canning Town - Romford
  • Route 8: Tottenham Court Road - Bow Church
  • Route 9: Aldwych - Hammersmith
  • Route 10: King's Cross - Hammersmith
  • Route 11: Liverpool Street - Fulham Broadway
  • Route 15: Trafalgar Square - Blackwall
  • Route 16: Victoria - Cricklewood Bus Garage
  • Route 21: Lewisham Shopping Centre - Newington Green
  • Route 25: Oxford Circus - Ilford
  • Route 32: Kilburn Park - Edgware
  • Route 35: Clapham Junction - Shoreditch
  • Route 36: Queen's Park - New Cross Gate
  • Route 38: Victoria - Clapton Pond
  • Route 45: Clapham Park - King's Cross
  • Route 47: Shoreditch - Catford Bus Garage
  • Route 48: London Bridge - Walthamstow Central
  • Route 49: White City - Clapham Junction
  • Route 52: Victoria - Willesden Bus Garage
  • Route 55: Oxford Circus - Leyton Bus Garage (Leyton Green)
  • Route 59: Streatham Hill - King's Cross
  • Route 67: Aldgate - Wood Green
  • Route 68: Euston - Norwood Bus Garage
  • Route 73: Victoria - Stoke Newington
  • Route 76: Waterloo - Tottenham Town Hall
  • Route 91: Trafalgar Square - Crouch End
  • Route 94: Piccadlilly Circus - Acton Green
  • Route 148: Camberwell Green - White City
  • Route 159: Streatham Tesco - Marble Arch
  • Route 205: Paddington - Bow Church
  • Route 243: Waterloo - Wood Green
  • Route 253: Euston - Hackney Central
  • Route 254: Aldgate - Holloway, Nag's Head
  • Route 341: Waterloo - Angel Road Superstores
  • Route 436: Paddington - Lewisham Shopping Centre
  • Route 468: Elephant & Castle - South Croydon
  • Route C1: Victoria - White City
  • Route C2: Victoria - Parliament Hill Fields
  • Route RV1: Covent Garden - Tower Gateway
  • Route X68: Russel Square - West Croydon

Just to also reiterate, These are the following buses that will be used in the Greater London & Central Map:

  • Alexander Dennis Enviro400
  • Alexander Dennis Enviro200 (WiP)
  • Alexander Dennis ALX500
  • Wright Eclipse Gemini (WiP)
  • Wright Gemini 2 (WIP)
  • Plaxton President (WiP)
  • The New Bus for London (WiP)

and my fictional buses:
  • Clayford Dailystar Double
  • Clayford Dailystar Single
  • Clayford Westferry

The First Release will also include:

  • Full-sized Routes
  • Real-life Timetables
  • Featured Website for this Map
  • Over 250 Custom Modelled Junctions and Scenery Objects and over 20 Custom Splines
  • Detailed landmarks, Courtesy of Google
  • Realistic Road Signs with correct direction
  • Realistic Bus Tender Changes

By looking at this list, there is evidently a lot of work to be done, so your patience is appreciated. As I have mentioned before, this is one of my major projects, and development of this map may take between 6 Months to 2 Years. For this reason I have projected a development time of 18 Months. therefore, Below are expected time dates that should answer some questions.

Expected Development Finish:

MAY 2016

Testing Phase:

MAY - JULY 2016

Expected Release:

13 AUGUST 2016

During this period of time, I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the map. Many thanks for all of your support.


I'm Back Everyone! Let's get right to it:


As you can see here, I've laid out the tiles around the Victoria Area, with the Station Building courtesy of Google Maps.


Houses of Parliament:


I'm starting to layout the roads in the surrounding areas, but the real road layout will be focussed on the first routes to be released. Below are the list of bus routes that will be included in the first release:

  • Route 2: Marylebone - Norwood Bus Grage
  • Route 8: Tottenham Court Road - Bow Church
  • Route 16: Victoria - Cricklewood Bus Garage
  • Route 25: Oxford Circus - Ilford
  • Route 36: Queen's Park - New Cross Gate
  • Route 38: Victoria - Clapton Pond
  • Route 52: Victoria - Willesden Bus Garage
  • Route 59: Streatham Hill - King's Cross
  • Route 68: Euston - Norwood Bus Garage
  • Route 73: Victoria - Stoke Newington
  • Route 159: Streatham Tesco - Marble Arch
  • Route 205: Paddington - Bow Church
  • Route 436: Paddington - Lewisham Shopping Centre
  • Route 468: Elephant & Castle - South Croydon
  • Route C2: Victoria - Parliament Hill Fields
  • Route X68: Russel Square - West Croydon

Stay tuned for more news throughout today!


Hello everyone! sorry for not keeping you updated, but since it's the weekend, I figured that I post to all of you the progress that I have been making with this Major Map. I know that a lot of people have been watching and waiting, but over the next few days, the will be many screenshots to show the progress. I will begin posting them today at 16:00 GMT+1.

Many Thanks,

Mike Junior


Below are the buses that will be used in the Greater London & Central Map:


  • Wright Eclipse Gemini (Feature Bus; WIP)
  • Wright Gemini 2 (Feature Bus; WIP)
  • Transbus Enviro500 by Wimsome
  • ADL Enviro400 (Chinese Version) by Wimsome
  • Alexander ALX500
  • Dennis Dart MPD by man1333
  • MAN NL262
  • ADL Enviro200 Dart (WIP)


  • Clayford Driver (Double Deck Bus)
  • Clayford MiniDriver (Single Deck Bus)

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


You are one of the witnesses to on of the biggest and most accurate maps for OMSI ever! At long last, OMSI 2 will be something worth getting because you don't want to miss this map!

Wondering what is going to be in this map? Here's a list of what to expect:


  • Over 130 Full-scaled routes available to drive on with actual journey times and real-time timetables
  • Actual Elevation and Gradient data in the map
  • Full LHD-drivable map
  • All default OMSI buses repainted to a high standard for this map, sporting the London livery look.
  • Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini bus will be converted
  • Fictional, Drivable Buses for this map:
  • "Driver" by Clayford Buses: Double-deck buses, available in various lengths, including the TFL Standard 10.2m
  • "Driver Mini" by Clayford Buses: Single deck Bus, available in various lengths including the TFL Standard 10.2m, as well as a dual door and single door variant.

More fictional buses will be in the making over versions.
  • Over 250 brand new, hand-crafted scenery objects, including road signs.
  • Actual Models of buildings, courtesy of Google maps.
  • Realtime service Changes, which can be viewed on londonbusroutes.net. New Website for this map for announcements with regards to service changes. (28/05/2014)
  • Full M25 Orbital Motorway for those who like speeding


I am happy to announce that I will be making a full-scale map of London, Named "Greater London & Central". I know that there is already a London Map, but my version will feature aerial-made roads, custom modeled junctions and objects, realistic road elevation and altitudes, and all this on a full 1:1 scale map with 1:1 scale routes.

Work will begin on the 16th June 2014.

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