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Going to try to create my first map, of the Gold Coast, the 2nd biggest city QLD.

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Hi guys! I'm new to 'aussiex' but i am wanting to try to create a map of the Gold Coast in Australia for OMSI 2 bus simulator. I currently plan to build the suburbs of Southport, Ashmore, Nerang & Molendinar. I plan to create the following bus lines:

735 - Southport <=> Nerang Station via Ashmore

742 - Southport <=> Molendinar via Ashmore

Maps of the routes.

I know the city extremely well but using the OMSI editor is proving to be a challenging task. I have started of on the blank tile map called "NewMap" that comes with OMSI 2 but I have to load all my scenery objects & splines in manually. I ran a search for all the .sco files (scenery files) in my OMSI 2 directory and it says i have 1532 files. Anyone know how to load all theses files at once? Instead of one-by-one. Sounds really stupid but yeah. (I haven't even bothered to look at how many splines i have)

Any help would be appreciated! :D

17 October 2014, Update: This project has been put on hold. Updates will be weekly/fortnightly for the next few weeks.

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