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Out beyond the Mooki

Posted by bazzam , 09 January 2009 · 369 views

Here's one that some of the old-timers from VOZ may remember.

Whilst now we enjoy the beauty of the outback from our study, soaring above those incredible VOZ outback textures - it is worth paying tribute to our hardy pioneers who braved this fierce continent before the age of wings...

So with images taken over Orb-X's Tamworth (FS9 freeware) surrounds and apologies to Barcroft Boake for my misquoting verse from his classic "Where the dead men lie" here is my little rememberance -

Far out beyond the Mooki, trapped beneath a vast azure sky
Far out beyond the Mooki - that's where the dead men lie!

Out on the wastes of the Never Never
where the heat-waves do dance forever
Thatís where the dead men lie!

Out where the grinning skulls bleach whitely
Under the saltbush sparkling brightly;
Out where the wild dogs chorus nightly
Thatís where the dead men lie!

Deep in the brown, flowing river
Under the banks where the shadows quiver
Thatís where the dead men lie!

Where the platypus twists and doubles,
Leaving a train of tiny bubbles.
Rid at last of their earthly troubles
Thatís where the dead men lie!

Strangled by thirst and fierce privation
Out on ďMoneygrubísĒ farthest station
Thatís how the dead men die!

Great shots representing great memories!!!

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